Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wounded Hearts (Men in Blue #5) by Jayne Rylon

Attraction, fear, danger—an unlikely recipe for healing scars.
Men in Blue, Book 5
In the year since Ellie escaped The Scientist’s ghastly dungeon, she still can’t stop looking over her shoulder. Or stop feeling guilty over the man who sacrificed so much to save her.
He lost everything. His career, his aspirations—even part of his body. It’s no wonder he wants nothing to do with her. Too bad he’s the only man she can think about.
Lucas has vowed to stay away from Ellie, but not for the reason she thinks. The woman he craves doesn’t need to waste her life taking care of a man with a missing leg, not when she needs to focus on her own healing.
Despite the best matchmaking attempts of the Men in Blue—and their wives—the emotional and physical gap between them seems uncrossable. Until Ellie is threatened again, and the only choice is to work together until she’s safe.
But to stay in the land of the living, they’ll both have to fight through their pain—and relive a few nightmares—to guarantee their demons won’t destroy her future.
Warning: Contains an alpha male with a broken body, but whose best bits are in fine working order. And a woman who survived hell, and is determined to fit enough of their jagged edges together to make a whole. Vivid PTSD flashbacks of sexual violence could be disturbing for some readers.

My review:
This book takes the long way to heaven.  Lucas lost his job and his leg saving Ellie from a living nightmare a year ago.  He has pushed away Ellie and his friends.  He isn’t dealing with the changes in his life very well.  Ellie too has had her share of problems coming back from the abuse she has suffered and the only man she wants won’t talk to her.  Now there is a new threat to Ellie and Lucas is the only one who can keep her safe forcing them to work through their issues.  Watching these two incredibly strong individuals help each other return to life is an amazing journey.  This book will make you laugh, cry, scream and sigh. This is a fabulous addition to a terrific series.  You can read this standalone but it will be much more enjoyable if you’ve read the rest of the series.

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