Monday, June 1, 2015

Night of the Living Demon Slayer (Demon Slayer #7) by Angie Fox

Lizzie Brown is all for letting the good times roll…until a dark voodoo church rises up in the bayou outside of New Orleans. Now the ritual fires are burning long into the night and the dead are having a hard time staying that way.

Lizzie goes in undercover to put a stop to the madness. Good thing she’s got her sexy shape-shifter husband behind her, as well as her Grandma’s gang of biker witches. Too bad nobody’s watching Pirate the dog, who has become way too friendly with the phantom haunting a long-forgotten Victorian séance room.

Secrets and spirits abound. Nothing is what it seems. And when legions of the dead threaten the city, there may be no stopping them.

My review:
A fun side trip to New Orleans.  Lizzie and the Biker Witches are enjoying a well-deserved break when Lizzie is called on to repay a favor.  Of course the witches can’t let her go alone.  What is supposed to be a quick fix turns into quite something else altogether.  Mix Lizzie and the gals with Voodoo and zombies and you know there will be some side splitting fun.  Night of the Living Demon Slayer is a fast fun romp that will leave you wanting more.  You will get more out of this story if you’ve read the series but it can be read stand alone. 
Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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