Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Falling Fast (Falling Fast #1) by Tina Wainscott

Raleigh West works in an auto shop day and night, trying to put his broken past out of mind. It’s been seven years since the fiery crash that landed his teenage sweetheart in the hospital . . . and him in jail. In an instant, he lost everything: his passion for racing, his hope of escaping his father’s shameful legacy, and the only girl he ever loved. Raleigh hasn’t seen her since that awful night. Never got a chance to apologize. And never forgave himself, either.

When brave, beautiful Mia Wentworth returns to the Florida coast for the first time in what seems like forever, it’s not to see Raleigh. Even so, the moment she arrives she can feel his presence like a gust of wind that gives her goose bumps. Opening her heart to him again seems impossible. But staying away? That might be harder still. Lucky for them both, Mia’s never been the kind of woman to take the easy way out.

My review:
Falling Fast is a sweet second chance romance. Mia and Raleigh fell in love when she was visiting her grandmother. She 17 & he was 19.  She was sheltered and innocent he treated her like she was precious and beautiful. Then they crashed as he was racing illegally.  She went to the hospital and he went to jail.  They haven’t spoken or been in contact for seven years thanks to her parents interference.  Now she is back and they can get some closure. But the fire is still there.  Can they make it work this time or will life throw them another curve?
Falling Fast starts out slow but these two will suck you in and keep you turning pages.  The story is sweet without being saccharine.  I so wanted to see these two get together and if it wasn’t one thing it was another so I was thrilled when they finally got together.  Bring on Pax’s story.

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