Friday, April 17, 2015

Touch of Amber (Hot Rods #7) by Jayne Rylon

As the planner for the Hot Rods’ quadruple wedding—one of which involves her sister, Nola—Amber Brown needs every ounce of her formidable attention to detail. Which is just fine with her.

She’s a teensy bit envious of the raw sexual power contained within Hot Rods’ polyamorous circle. But after watching her mother suffer the heartache of her father’s death, Amber won’t risk her heart, not even for the super-sexy lawyer on the guest list.

Gavyn has handled enough divorce cases to witness the horrors people who supposedly loved each other can inflict. Yet when he assists Amber with the wedding prep in exchange for her advice on his new venture, it’s hard to ignore the steam rising between them.

Finally, they agree to a single night of strings-free sex. Except one taste isn’t enough to curb their hunger. Until Amber makes a shocking discovery that sours her appetite for the man she thought could satisfy her for a lifetime. And leaves Gavyn negotiating desperately for a future he never thought he craved.

My review:
Break out the tissues and ice water.  This book had me at times laughing and crying and true to Jayne Rylon there was also a lot of sighing as she proved that a relationship without all the others can be just as hot.  Plus there is a quadruple wedding because Jayne likes to have her characters do things in groups.
This book stars two of the secondary characters from previous books, Nola’s sister Amber and Kayla’s brother Gavyn. Amber is a control freak event planner and Gavyn is an alcoholic former lawyer planning to open a bike customizing shop.  He has given up the stress of his former life and is trying to stay sober.  The chemistry between the two is off the charts.  He makes her want to loosen up and she makes him want things he has never had.  Will a wedding hookup be enough for them?
I sat down and ignored the world as I read this in one sitting.  The Hot Rods have twisted me up and played with my emotions before but Touch of Amber took me on a roller coaster ride and left me smiling and exhausted.

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