Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tattered Loyalties (Talon Pack #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

When the great war between the Redwoods and the Centrals occurred three decades ago, the Talon Pack risked their lives for the side of good. After tragedy struck, Gideon Brentwood became the Alpha of the Talons. But the Pack’s stability is threatened, and he’s forced to take mate—only the one fate puts in his path is the woman he shouldn’t want.

Though the daughter of the Redwood Pack’s Beta, Brie Jamenson has known peace for most of her life. When she finds the man who could be her mate, she’s shocked to discover Gideon is the Alpha wolf of the Talon Pack. As a submissive, her strength lies in her heart, not her claws. But if her new Pack disagrees or disapproves of fate’s choice, the consequences could be fatal.

As the worlds Brie and Gideon have always known begin to shift, they must face their challenges together in order to help their Pack and seal their bond. But when the Pack is threatened from the inside, Gideon doesn’t know who he can trust and Brie’s life could be forfeit in the crossfire. It will take the strength of an Alpha and the courage of his mate to realize where true loyalties lie.

My review:
Tattered Loyalties is the first in the spin-off from Carrie Ann Ryan’s Redwood Pack series and if you haven’t read those (you should) it won’t lessen the enjoyment of this book as this takes place 30 years later.  I will admit that I didn’t like Gideon very much through the first half of this book.  He lets his responsibilities get in the way of his head and his heart.  I do like the fact that Brie proves that submissive doesn’t mean doormat.  I kept reading because of Brie. I ended up loving them both and looking forward to the next story.  If you want a smart sexy story with werewolves you need to read Carrie Ann Ryan.

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