Monday, February 23, 2015

Grizzly Love (Kodiak Point #5) by Eve Langlais

Are you ready for a grizzly kind of love?

His mother would have beaten him to within an inch of his life, if she knew Travis had the hots for the town doctor, but he couldn't help it.

Dr. Jess, a redhead with a few years on him, was his soulmate. His inner grizzly knew it. He knew it. Suspected she did as well. But he did have one dilemma standing in his way.

Her husband.

Talk about inconvenient.

Good thing Travis was tenacious. Even if he has to travel half a continent, and brave some hot sands, subsist on crappy food and survive attempts on his life he won't give up until he wins her heart.

Or dies trying.

Jess made a mistake. She married too young, to the wrong man. Problem is, hawks mate for life, and murder is against the law. To add more insult to the situation, her mate won't even attempt to be a husband. It seems he isn't interested in keeping his vows, nor is he coming home anytime soon, so when the chance arises to confront him, she takes it. However facing him changes nothing.

Freddie doesn't want her...but Travis does.

And oh how she wants him too. Wants and yet can't have him.

However, her marital problems aren't the only issue. Their pursuit of the nefarious being behind the attacks on their town is being sabotaged by treachery. When Jess and Travis barely survive an ambush, she can no longer deny her love for the rascally bear. But will they survive enough to see if it's possible for her to rectify a wrong and take him as her mate?

My review:
I’ve been waiting for this book.  Travis of the ever optimistic personality.  Always quick with a smile and a quip.  Also not too hard on the eyes.  Travis has been a secondary character for too long and I am thrilled he gets to break away from his Momma Bear and find a love of his own – sort of.  Poor Travis, he finally meets the woman of his dreams and she is mated to some jerk who doesn’t want her.  But impossible love aside he has determined that he IS going with the guys when they take on the Naga creature that has been plaguing Kodiak Point no matter what emotional blackmail Momma tries.  He doesn’t count on his lady love Dr. Jess coming too.  This is another fun sexy action adventure with the crazy critters from Kodiak Point.  Get ready to laugh and love. I know I did.

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