Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Parvati: February (Mystic Zodiac #2) by Brandy R. Walker

Parvati Shiva, a true descendent of the Goddess of love and devotion, is fed up. She runs a successful dating site, connecting people all over the world with their one true love. The only one she hasn’t been able to find love for is…her.

When a hacker get into her network and website, shutting down her site in the height of the busy season, she calls on her cousin Jag for help.

Colin Patterson, IT guru and confirmed bachelor, quickly agrees to help his friend’s sister out with her computer problem. He’s eager to escape his mother’s matchmaking Valentine’s Day party. She’s invited all the single women, and a few select men, she can think of to start his dating life.

One mistaken identity later, Colin has already put his foot in his mouth. Will these two would-be lovers figure it out before the company is back up and running and Colin doesn’t have a reason to stick around? Only the Fates know.

My review:
Eros & Chloe’s bet 2nd challenge.  Find a guy for a descendent of the Goddess of love and devotion.  Parvati runs a matchmaking service and manages to help Eros out fairly regularly but hasn’t found the love of her own life yet.  Eros thinks Parvati deserves to find her “one” and leaves it to Chloe to hook them up. 
The romance between Parvati and Colin is fun and takes off quickly.  I can’t see Chloe breaking a sweat over this one. 
Warning there is some m/m in this story between Parvati’s cousin and his guy and things get pretty steamy with Parvati and Colin so break out the ice and the fan. 

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