Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tales of the Djinn: The Guardian by Emma Holly

Elyse Solomon hasn’t had it easy. She lost her dad and her husband under suspicious circumstances, and her relatives know more than they’re admitting about both deaths. Then a mysterious stranger with a briefcase full of cash moves into the basement of her New York brownstone. Arcadius is gorgeous and sophisticated, but nothing about him adds up—that is, until Elyse discovers her sexy tenant is a genie desperate to save his people from a deadly curse. With so much heartache behind her, can Elyse find the courage to help the man who might be her true soul mate?

My review:
FANTASTIC! I am a huge fan of Emma Holly but this may be the best thing she has written to date.  This is the first in an epic tale of romantic fantasy.  Fast paced with twists, turns and surprises you would not expect.  Oh my goodness this is an incredible tale.  I am so excited and cannot wait to see where she will take us next.
A gifted copy was provided by author for an honest review

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