Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Captive of Pleasure: The Space Pirates Woman (LodeStar #3) by Cathryn Cade

Can a woman with no memory inspire a man who is running from his?

As Il Zhazid, ‘The Storm’, he rules the unsettled prairies of Frontiera, striking ruthlessly at other pirates who dare to enter his territory. Only a few know him as Joran Stark, a man who desires only to live wild and free with his loyal band. Women love him, other pirates fear him and the InterGalactic Space Forces can’t control him.

 Zaë is young, lovely and terrified—a slave paraded before the scum of the galaxy to be sold to the highest bidder. Storm interrupts a lucrative raid to save her, only to discover he can’t send her home, because she has no memory of who she is or where she came from. Now he must battle ever-bolder pirates who want his territory and the IGSF officials who want to use him, all with her close by his side.

The last thing he ever wanted to be was a hero, but can this damaged woman inspire him to be the man she believes him to be? And within the shelter of his powerful arms, can she finally believe in herself?

My review:
Fantastically fun space pirate adventure.  Joran Stark is over the top as Il Zhazid, ‘The Storm’.  He may be a space pirate but he only steals from other bad guys making him not so bad.  It is during one of those raids that he rescues the beautiful virgin from a slave auction.  She has been drugged so has no idea who she is so he is kinda stuck with her.  Good guys, bad guys the line gets blurred at times.  But it’s a hell of a ride.

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