Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Branded by Tilly Greene

Montana is Sizzling! There are four cowboys who work hard and play even harder. They like their sex to be fun, dirty hot and gratifying. Whether the passion happens in a barn, shack, field or bedroom, with their partners bound and played with or taken vanilla style, everyone leaves satisfied. Love isn't something they've thought about until they meet the women who make their hearts beat faster. They know they want to be loved by their ladies as they tie them up, play and pleasure them, but they also believe there is much more they don't know and are willing to learn. Matt and Ted Wilson, Jon Black and Courtland Dickerson are best friends, have been since childhood. Finally, these cowboys have found love and are enjoying kinky sex behind white picket fences they always wanted. They couldn't be happier, but are they ready to fully commit to one woman? WARNING: Inside this book there's bondage play with toys, piercings and a tattoo, menages, wait, did I mention toys? Prepare yourself for a red hot read!

My review:
Tilly Greene must think that Montana cowboys have nothing better to do through the long cold winter nights than to think up ways to have kinky cowboy sex with their ladies.  Branded tells four stories of what they may have come up with.  Three of these stories, Konnichiwa Cowboy, Giddy up, and Jon Black's Woman have been sold stand-alone and the fourth is a follow up featuring Sunflower Forever Free and Courtland Dickerson from Ride 'em
Konnichiwa Cowboy and Giddy up tell how Sakura Nakamura and the Wilson brothers come together in love, lust and cattle ranching.  Jon Black's Woman tells how big tall tough Jon Black falls for little ol’ Molly.  A Wild Ride may be the only new story in the book but oh my goodness what a ride.  Cort & Sunflower have been together for two years and their sex life is still adventurous.  When Cort brings home a new toy it will test just how close they are.
These stories are for the adventurous.  They are tales of multicultural cowboy kink and will take you places you never thought to go.

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