Saturday, February 22, 2014

Indie Girl book signing Charleston SC

I'm attending the Indie Girl con in Charleston SC this Friday and Saturday.  I've had the opportunity too meet a lot of "new to me" authors.  This con features mostly young adult and new adult genre authors.

It was exciting to talk to these folks and get their take on writing, publishing, and marketing to the new demographics. I asked if they thought having a fabulous cover was as important in an ebook market as it was in a paper book market.  The general thought was it is as if not more important as a way to reach readers. As one author said "you have only so many seconds to get their attention, you want to get the reader to stop at least long enough to read the summary to hook them into buying the book. A great cover may just do that for you."

Pictures coming soon.

Note: I had intended to attend both days but between a banging head cold and the fact that my daughters house got hit by a tornado (she's okay, the house not so much) I had to bail. I had fun and learned a lot. Thanks to all the terrific folks that patiently answered my questions and let me take their picture.

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