Friday, February 28, 2014

Angel Seduced (The Hidden #3) by Jaime Rush

My name is Kye Rivers. I am a Deuce Crescent, which means I have magick running through my veins. Even though my family is Deuce, too, I have always felt like an outcast. Why? Because my particular gift revolves around sensuality, which makes my family uncomfortable. I get my validation and satisfaction from helping people with their sexual pathos. The price for my magick is that falling in love interferes with my abilities. Losing my abilities, and my career, isn’t worth getting involved with some guy who will probably break my heart anyway.

When I met the new bartender, a rare Caido who works at the nightclub that serves as my office and second home, I felt an electric draw like never before. Even scarier, Kasabian isn’t like other angel/human Crescents, who are cool and asexual. Kasabian craves emotions…and he craves me. I fear that what’s different in him is dangerous for both of us.

My review:
This is the third in a series but can be read stand alone.  All three books run concurrently.  Each book focuses on a faction – Deuce, Dragon, & Caido and the attempts of one their respective gods attempts to return and the lengths their minions will go to to make that happen for them. Each book focuses on a couple who it falls to foil the plot and if they happen to find love along the way so much the better.
In this book Kye (a Deuce) is the key to helping Kasabian (a Caido) save the children that the bad guys are draining to power the gods return.  The clock is ticking and they are fighting the bad guys and their feelings for each other.

This is a fast paced, action packed, paranormal romance with occasional bouts of steamy sex thrown in for fun.  I gobbled it up.  

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