Monday, February 24, 2014

Blind Wolf: The Complete 4-Book Boxed Set(Werewolf BBW Shifter Romance #1-4) by Aubrey Rose

The complete collection of werewolf shifter romance stories in the bestselling Blind Wolf series now includes all four books:

Blind Wolf
Perfect Mate
Human Shifter
Alpha's Child

Julia has never been on a date in her life. She's a curvy girl with no money, no education, and no way out of the town she works in as a library assistant... until Damien shows up. He's just like the prince charming Julia always imagined would sweep her off of her feet. There are just a few things standing in the way of true happiness: he's blind, he's dating someone, and he's WAY out of her league.

Oh, and he's a werewolf.

Damien lost his eyes two years ago in a wolf battle. Ever since then, the straggler pack of disabled wolves he leads has been searching for a place to call home. One house seems like the perfect choice, but Damien realizes too late that the person who lives there is the girl he met at the library. The human girl. Damien is torn between loyalty to his pack and raw lusting desire for the girl who haunts his dreams day and night.

She's a human. How could she be his true mate?

This werewolf shifter BBW romance collection is over 100,000 words long, has some naughty language, and a lot of naughty sex

My review:

Damien is a blind alpha leading a ragtag bunch of misfit werewolves looking for a place to call home.  When they hit the small town where Julia lives they think they might just be home.  When Damien meets Julia he feels “the calling” the chemical and emotional feelings that mean he has met his mate but werewolves can’t don’t mate with humans.  Turns out there is more to Julia than even she knows.  With Damien, her grandmother, and the pack Julia is tasked with becoming all she can be she just has to stay alive long enough to do it. 
I am glad I was able to get all four of these in one collection because I think if I had read them separately I would have gotten frustrated and given up.  Reading them all in a row gave a sense of continuity that didn’t leave me as frustrated.  This collection is a sexy paranormal romance with a bit of epic fantasy thrown in for good measure.  The author challenged me, made me laugh, cry and reach for a fan. All in all a good read.

I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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