Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Now And Always & Faith In You by Charity Pineiro aka Caridad Piñeiro

Now And Always – Connie Gonzalez is small but mighty.  She has just graduated top in her class from the FBI academy and has be rewarded with her choice of assignments to the Miami field office.  She has always been close to her family and this assignment puts her right at home.  Connie is smart, savvy and determined but she isn't super-woman and when she has to have the cast taken off her broken wrist she goes to the doctor her sister works for, Dr. Victor Cienfuegos.  Victor is wealthy sexy and single and immediately taken with the fiery FBI agent. Things get steamy in South Beach surprisingly fast.  This is another well written tale by Caridad Piñeiro.  If you like lusty Latin doctors and sexy special agents then you will enjoy this trip to Florida.

Faith In You – We met Paul Stone when he broke Connie Gonzalez’s wrist in Now And Always.  After a rough beginning Paul and Connie got to be partners and had the start of a friendship.  When she invites him to join her and her family for a traditional and fun-filled Cuban Christmas Eve dinner he is reluctant to attend but when he gets there and is met at the door by the elf that is Connie’s sister Carmen he is very glad he chose to attend.  Paul has no idea how a normal family dynamic works.  He was raised by wealthy parents who had no clue either so he is fascinated by the Gonzalez family and Carmen in particular.  He surprises himself by asking her out and she surprises herself by accepting.  These two have more than the socio-economic and culture differences to overcome to get together but Carmen has faith and now she has to show Paul how to have faith in himself and them.  I will admit this book was harder for me to get through than the first one (which I tore through).  First I wasn't sure Paul had redeemed himself for breaking Connie’s wrist.  Then I just wanted him to get over himself.  But the ending made it all worth while.

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