Monday, October 7, 2013

Claiming More (Tiger Nip #2) by Brandy Walker

Sampson Hart has known Mary Jane Poppy for ten years. She’s his sister’s best friend, business partner, and has had a crush on Sam for years. When the mating pull hits him, he’s ready to claim her as his own. Given their history, it should be simple. Right?

MJ has loved Sam since she was fifteen. But being a hybrid, she’s been told all her life she won’t have a mate. When Sam proclaims she belongs to him, she doesn't believe it; the mating pull isn't there, and Sam isn't meant to be hers.

Running back home to escape the love she feels for Sam, MJ agrees to become the companion of a man who lost his mate and has three young children to raise. It is the only way to set Sam free to find the one he is truly meant to be with.

Will Sam be Claiming More or will the one he desires the most find comfort in the arms of another?

This book made me want to scream!  I was so involved with these characters that at one point I was crying so hard I couldn't read the page.  Other times had me laughing so hard I spit my tea.  And then there were the love scenes that had me turning up the air conditioner.  This second book in the Tiger Nip series was even better than the first and although it can be read stand-alone I recommend reading Craving More (Tiger Nip #1) first as it will help you understand the world and the relationships between the characters better and because it is a great story. 

I received a copy of this book from the author (thanks Brandy) in return for a fair and honest review.  I honestly LOVE this story.  Please keep them coming.

This book comes out on October 8th.

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