Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Vampire's Claim (Vampire Queen #3) by Joey W. Hill

The daughter of two vampires, Lady Daniela is considered aristocracy in the vampire world. Still, she has to fight for what she wants-especially since what she wants is to depose a brutal territory overlord. For that she'll need the help of Devlin, a handsome, brave human who inflames her desire far more than any man or beast.

Even though she could easily lay her claim and take Dev on as a fully marked servant, she resists the urge-especially since Dev is still tormented by something in his past. But when her enemy makes an unexpected appearance, Dev surprises them both by yielding completely to his feelings for Danny and showing her the devotion of a true servant-until she decides to take his freedom without asking...

My review:

Though this is the third in the series it can be read stand-alone.  We met Lady Daniela and Dev in The Mark of the Vampire Queen (Vampire Queen #2).  This book goes into the past and tells how they met and how the irascible Dev came to be a vampire’s servant.  As a born vampire Danny has automatic status but she is still a woman surrounded by male vampires who think she is lees because she is a woman.  They are none to fond of those who take a human male as their servant.  Danny just wants to take back the Station she inherited from and live life as quietly away from vampire politics as possible.  From the start this is wishful thinking.  With help from Dev and Lady Lyssa she comes into her own to be the confident vampire we met. 

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