Thursday, February 7, 2013

Worth the Risk, Worth The Challenge, Worth Everything (Worth It series) by Karen Erickson

Worth the Risk (Worth It 2) - Hunter Worth the middle Worth brother and Marketing manager for the company is used to getting what he wants and what he wants is Gracie HayesGracie wants, needs her job and it doesn't matter how sexy her boss Hunter Worth is she can’t go there.  Hunter lives up to his name and pursues Gracie with every skill he has.  Will it take almost losing everything for Gracie to give in?
Hunter can be charming. But I found him to be a bit too arrogant for me.  Maybe Gracie will bring him down to earth.

Worth The Challenge (Worth It 3) – Rhett Worth the youngest of the Worth brothers has a reputation for being a bad boy party animal.  Now he is trying to change his ways and grow up.  Alex, older brother and CEO, has given Rhett a chance to create a line of perfumes for the company.  He has been wooing Michel Durand world premier perfumer to create his scent.  Durand ends up a no show and Rhett is about to be declared a screw up yet again.  Enter Gabriella Durand, Michel Durand's daughter and a darn good perfumer in her own right but who has been hidden under her dad’s spotlight.  This is a chance for both of them to prove themselves and maybe find each other as well.
This was my favorite in the Worth series so far.

Worth Everything (Worth It 4) – Surprise!  The Worth brothers have a baby ½ sister.  At the reading of her fathers will Anastasia Renaldi finds out at that she is not his biological daughter and she has been dis-inherited.  She can’t work for the company she has worked for since she was 13.  Her brothers (the Renaldi's) can’t help her unless they too want to be dis-inherited.  She travels to New York to meet with the Worths but they are understandable leery.  Enter Attorney Gavin Westmore.  He is an old school chum of Alex Worth’s and Anastasia feels he might get her a meet with the Worths and help her get to the bottom of this.  And if they find each other along they way…

I’ll say it right here.  Hunter Worth is an ASS.  I've read all the Worth series to date and Hunter has been an arrogant sob in each and every one.  Other than that I loved this story.

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