Monday, February 11, 2013

Femme: A Woman's Touch by Sonja Appleberry

My sister in-law asked me to read and review this as she knows the author.

After becoming a mother at age thirteen, Sasha Tillman grows into a devoted mother while struggling to find true love with a man as she battles her inner feelings of being attracted to women. She suffers abuse at the hands of her live-in boyfriend, but she fights desperately to survive. Staring death in the face on more than one occasion, she escapes, finding true love and security in the hands of a beautiful woman

I am conflicted as to how to take this book. The story while engrossing is poorly written. The author jumps all over the place. Chapters are disjointed and don't get me started on the wording. I don't know if this book is written the way the author thinks and/or speaks or if it was written in this language to give Sasha an identifiable voice but I found it really distracting. I feel for Sasha and her story but I really wish she had had some help telling it.

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