Thursday, April 12, 2012

Play Nice by Gemma Halliday

This is a thriller by new to me author Gemma Halliday. 

Former assassin Anya faked her death to escape her past.  Fifteen years later she is living in San Francisco as Anna Smith.
Nick Dade is a gun for hire and he was hired to take out Anya.  But he isn’t the only one and he is less than pleased by that.
Nick is ready to take out his target, Anna, when someone else takes a shot at her.  He is pissed and saves her from the other assassin.  At least until he can find out who his competition is.

I liked Anna.  A strong woman trying to overcome her past and her training doing the best she can while on the run.  I’m afraid I didn’t get Nick’s motivations but I hope it will become clearer in the next book.

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