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Alpha & Omega: Call Of The Hunt (4 in 1) by Patricia Briggs - Alpha & Omega, Cry Wolf, Hunting Ground, & Fair Game

Alpha & Omega: Call Of The Hunt (4 in 1) by Patricia Briggs - Alpha & Omega, Cry Wolf, Hunting Ground, & Fair Game

This is a four in one omnibus put out by the Science Fiction Book Club and although I’d owned and read the first three to have all four in a hardcover at a reasonable price was worth it.    These books are a spin-off from Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series.  Bran, The Marrok (head of all the werewolves in America), has two sons.  Sam the doctor who we know from Mercy and Charles Bran’s enforcer this series revolves around Charles and his mate Anna.

Alpha & Omega – this story was first put out in the anthology On The Prowl.  Anna had been changed violently and against her will three years ago.  She has been abused by her pack since day one as they try to convince her she is a submissive wolf.  She isn’t.  She is something special, an Omega.  Anna reads an article detailing the death of a boy that Anna has seen in the hands of her pack leader.  She calls The Marrok who informs her that Charles is on the way to investigate and could she pick him up at the airport.  Charles is taken with Anna from the start but the abuses by her pack make her skittish.  Charles cleans up the mess that is the Chicago pack and claims Anna as his mate.

Cry Wolf – Anna starts to learn about being a werewolf and and Omega.  She and Charles grow closer. We meet “The Moor” Asil an old werewolf who lost his Omega mate two hundred years earlier.  Charles is still recovering from being shot with silver in Chicago when there are reports of werewolf killings in the Cascades and Charles is the most capable of finding and stopping the killer.  He and Anna take off after the killer in the snow. 

Hunting Ground – Charles and Anna are now officially mated.  They go to Seattle as Brans representatives at a conference to work with the European werewolves about the American werewolves “coming out”.   

Fair Game – Since the American werewolves “coming out” Charles has been busy.  Infringments of the law cannot be condoned and if the local Alpha is unwilling or unable to take care of the problem Charles is sent in to do the deed.  The violence and deaths are taking a toll on him and he is closing himself off from Anna and everyone else.  In a change of pace assignment designed to give Charles a break Anna and Charles are sent to Boston to help the FBI find out who is killing werewolves.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series.  I had to re-read all the stories to get to Fair Game.  Now I want to go back and re-read the Mercy series.  

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