Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Perfect Storm (Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor #4) by Lori Foster

While you might have been able to read the previous books (When You Dare, Trace of Fever, and Savor the Danger) stand-alone it is my opinion that you ought to read them before you read this. 

Arizona Storm hasn’t had an easy life.  Drugged out parents who sold her to a human trafficking ring and when she escaped from them she earned her living by robbing drug dealers or gambling.  She was recaptured by the human traffickers who then attempted to kill her as a lesson to any others that might try to escape.  She was saved by Jackson Savor in Savor the Danger.
Spencer Lark is a bounty hunter whose wife was killed when she stood against the human traffickers.  He knows about Arizona and her past.  They both have serious issues.

I like Arizona.  She is tough.  She is a survivor.  She looks at life from her own unique angle and doesn’t let it get her down.  I like that she isn’t perfect.  She is gorgeous but has self-esteem issues.   Spencer is alpha male protector.  HOT, sensitive and honest who could resist that.  

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