Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vampire Instinct (Vampire Queen #7) by Joey W. Hill

In A Vampire's Claim (Vampire Queen #3) we met Elisa as a second marked servant to Lady Danny.  She had met and was at the beginning of a relationship with a worker named Willis.  They had been assigned to take care of the children turned to vampire hounds by Ruskin.   In Vampire Instinct we find out that one of the vampire fledglings got loose and raped and hurt Elisa in front of Willis’ dying body.  In an effort to decide what can be done for the vampire fledglings and Elisa Lady Danny sends them to a Florida island where the Native American Vampire Malachi rehabs big cats. 
There is also a brief mention of Derek Stormwind who is an important character in Something About Witches (Arcane Series #1).
This installment of the Vampire Queen series dwells less on the psychology of sex then on a romance between two hurting souls.  And again I really enjoyed.

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