Sunday, March 18, 2012


WAKE UP AMERICA!  Do we really want to put in place an administration that would say that insurance companies don’t have to pay for contraception but still cover Viagra?  That says it is okay for Doctors to lie to women about the results of an ultra sound or other tests that says the fetus has major problems just because the mother may consider abortion as an option.  Do we want an administration that legislates who and how we can love.  That makes women into second class citizens?  If that’s the case there are several countries in the mid-east that would be happy to have you.  The government needs to stay out of my bedroom and my doctor’s office.  Yes we need the FDA but come on the rest of it makes no sense.  You are creating more problems than you are solving.  Defunding Planned Parenthood will cost more than it saves.  Women who would’ve been able to get low cost mammograms will die of breast cancer.  The instance of unplanned pregnancy will go up.  Who will support all those unwanted children?  

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