Monday, March 12, 2012

Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley - Shifter Made, Pride Mates, Primal Bonds, Bodyguard, Wild Cat

I first picked up Bodyguard (Shifters Unbound 2.5) because it was on sale at Amazon and I am a sucker for bears.  It introduced me to Jennifer Ashley’s world of shifters and I had to go back and read them all.

Shifter Made (Shifters Unbound .5) - This novella is prequel to the Shifters Unbound series, a standalone story that tells how the Sword of the Guardian came to be.

Pride Mates (Shifters Unbound 1) - Is the story of Liam (a cat shifter) and Kim a human lawyer.  They meet when Kim is assigned to represent a shifter accused of murder.  

Primal Bonds (Shifters Unbound 2) – This is Sean’s story.  Sean is Liam’s brother and a Guardian.  It’s his job to ensure that a shifters soul is freed to go to the Summerlands when they die.  It is emotionally tough because nobody wants to get up close and personal with death.  That is until he meets Half Fae/half wolf Shifter, Andrea Gray.  There is also a back story with Dylan (Sean & Liam’s father) and Glory Andrea’s wolf shifter aunt.
Bodyguard (Shifters Unbound 2.5) – Ronan a bear shifter saves human Elizabeth from a robber.  Ronan then continues to act as bodyguard and then so much more.

Wild Cat (Shifters Unbound 3) – We move from Austin, TX where all but Shifter Made takes place and head to Las Vegas Where we meet cat shifter Eric’s (we met him as a secondary character in Primal Bonds) sister Cassandra and human cop Diego.

I am entranced with this series.  There is so much going on.  The injustice of the collars and Shiftertowns and all the asinine laws made out of fear.  The love between races. The tolerance and intolerance.  I am really glad I found this series and look forward to the next installment.

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