Monday, November 7, 2011

Toys-4-Us seven stand-alone book series.

Toys-4-Us is a seven stand-alone book series.  It felt, to me, like seven of todays hottest erotic authors got together and said let’s do an exercise.  Imagine we are at a sex toy party.  Each of us take a character and go…  These are the smokin’ hot short stories they came up with. 

A Long Time Comin’ by Cerise Deland - Long-time pal and Delta Force hunk comes home and is seduced with a little help from Toys-4-Us.
Bound and Determined by Desiree Holt – Uptight lawyer, hunky next door neighbor Toys-4-Us.
Good Vibrations by Nicole Austin – Asshat ex, Friends turn lovers with a little help from Toys-4-Us.
Private Showing by Brenna Zinn – Woman with a dream, sexy Scottish computer geek fireworks with a little help from Toys-4-Us.
Slippery When Wet by Allie Standifer – Another asshat ex, Friends turn lovers with a little help from Toys-4-Us.
Wet Ride by Samantha Cayto - Uptight business exec, hunky contractor Toys-4-Us.
Whiz Bang by Regina Carlysle – Bored woman, sexy bar owner friend, exotic local and Toys-4-Us.

I enjoyed each of these stories for different reasons.  I found however that in some the Toys-4-Us device was a detriment rather than a help.  Needing to fit it in disrupted the flow.  Conversely sometimes it made for a wonderful moment in the story.  


Nicole Austin said...

I'm thrilled you enjoyed the books, Donna. We had a toy party for Allie's birthday. Just imagine seven erotic romance authors, all a bit tipsy from chocolate wine, talking sex toys. Yup, one thing led to another and that's how the Toys-4-Us series was born. :D

Desiree Holt said...

Donna, You have really made my day. And you hit the nail on the head. That's exactly what we did. The chocolate wine sure helped the creative process. Thanks so much for blogging about us.

Allie Standifer said...

Donna, they take advantage of me every year! This time is was my turn to get even :) From reading your opinion I know you 'got' the books We did exactly that over several bottles of chocolate wine and flavored vodka. Thanks for reading Toys-4-Us & be sure to enter our contest to win a Kindle Fire!

Donna said...

The Kindle Fire Contest is at:

Samantha Cayto said...

Put the seven of us in one room and you never know what will happen! So glad you enjoyed the stories. Thanks.

Brenna Zinn said...

Can't tell you how your comments made my day. Thank you so very much. Hope you entered the Kindle Fire contest. Sounds like you'll nail the questions. Good luck!

Pirate Princess Eve said...

I've read them all and they are fantastic stories! Highly recommend. What a nice review.