Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Improper Gentlemen

I have a love/hate relationship with anthologies.  I’ve found some great authors through them and some of my regular authors sometimes offer up something to keep us happy until the next book comes out.
I purchased Improper Gentlemen because I enjoy Diane Whiteside’s work and she had the lead story. 
Talbot’s Ace by Diane Whiteside - It fell way short of her regular standards.  The story had too many back stories that were left unexplained.  Her hero and heroine were tolerable and the ending was way too abrupt.  I believe it could have been a good full length story but in this format not so much.
To Match A Thief by Maggie Robinson – Had a few good moments but again not anything to write home about.
A Knack for Trouble by Diana Marlowe – This was the best of the lot.  Ms. Marlowe is a new to me author.  I will look into her backlist.  She made the most of the short format and told a good story.

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