Friday, May 8, 2020

On Your Knees, Our Queen (Elven Love Book 2) by Tilly Greene

Arya Tibert was brought to a different territory to be an accountant for her uncle who was the king. Yes, she was a princess, but it was no big deal to her, her uncle or the local elven people. All she wanted to do was input numbers, enjoy nature outside and let her sensuality free.

What she hadn’t expected came to be.

Jamie and Stefan were the King’s Guard. With Scottish fathers and Elven mothers they were well prepared for this job. They let their bodies needs run free only there were few ladies who wanted to play the way they liked, especially without any formal bonds.

They were open to new experiences until their world turned around.

None of the three expected to ever find a like minded mate, but now they either had to make do or live how they wanted.

Decision made, there was no going back.

My review:
On Your Knees, Our Queen is an erotic ménage that will have you sweating and needing a cold drink. This author mixes politics and sex in ways that will make you blush.

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