Thursday, March 19, 2020

Lab Rats (Weres of Boston #1) by Delilah Night

Everything changes the moment heartthrob Justin Carson shifts from human to Were Wolf on live television and is subsequently captured.

Dr. Benjamin Wells is tapped by the government to create a test from Justin's blood intended to identify anyone who might be a Were. Dr. Diana Lutz is the Were Wolf sent by the Were leaders to stop him, and to find and hopefully free Justin, her twin. The only thing stronger than Diana and Ben's mutual dislike of each other is their sudden attraction. Soon that attraction explodes, and in the same moment Ben learns the truth about his heritage—he’s part Wolf, and Diana is his mate.

As they race to be the first to discover the blood test and prevent the other organizations from endangering all Weres, Ben must decide whose side he’s on. Will he betray his people? How far is Diana willing to go to save her brother, and what is she willing to sacrifice?

CW: Violence against the captured Were by the government

My review:
Lab Rats tells us the story of Dr. Diana Lutz a werewolf who’s brother outed werewolves on television. Diana is determined to find and save her brother from being tested and tortured by the government. This is a battle against time. She never expected to find her mate along the way. This is a sexy and exciting story with a surprising ending.

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