Sunday, September 8, 2019

Beyond Identity by Karrie Roman

Noah Lancaster’s life is a mess. He doesn’t know much about his past or who is parents were. When he’s beaten on the streets one night while sleeping rough, the attack doesn’t feel like just another random assault on a vulnerable target. Somebody wanted Noah dead. But who’d want to hurt him? He’s a nobody who doesn’t know where he came from or who he truly is.
Harry Cooper wants to launch his career as an investigative journalist by telling the stories of the hardships faced by the homeless. His latest subject was lucky to survive a brutal attack—the mean streets almost swallowing him up like so many others. Noah is a mystery to Harry and it seems to the man himself.
When Noah’s attack brings these two men together neither could imagine they’re about to be pulled into a mystery one-hundred and thirty years old—and half a world away. They’re about to discover a secret someone has already killed once to protect and one that might get them both killed. 
Sometimes who you are goes far beyond who you thought you were.

My review:
I absolutely loved this story. Noah might be homeless but he isn’t a drunk, a drug addict or a rent boy. He is suffering from too much pride. Harry Cooper might come from moneyed parents but he is working for a living and striving for what he wants. When these two meet the world is going to be tilted on its axis.
This is a fantastic tale filled with action, mystery and love. I heartily recommend.

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