Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sassy Ever After: Demon Mate (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Sheri Lyn

Brogan Taggert, a wolf shifter and town playboy has his entire world upended when he meets his mate. Brogan Taggert, a wolf shifter and town playboy's entire world is upended. Not only is he a man, but he's also in Hell... Literally.
Jericho, a six hundred year old demon was dragged to Hell after helping the town of Blue Creek banish a necromancer. Each day he's tortured and all he can do is call out to his mate and say I'm sorry.
They say the road to Hell is laid with good intentions. It's time for Brogan to find out if the old adage is true. Can they rescue Jericho and have their happily ever after?

My review:
Would you go to Hell to save your intended mate? Wolf shifter Brogan Taggert is freaking out that his mate is male and half demon but he knows he will do anything to bring him back even if it means going into Hell and dragging him out.
Though this story is billed as the sequel to Check Mate it can be read standalone. This short story reads like an episode of Supernatural with wit, snark and lots of adventure. I really enjoyed this sweet and fun read.

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