Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jupiter's Shadow (Smoky Mountain Wolves #1) by TL Reeve


Jupiter “Pip” Baldwin, isn’t ready to settle down and produce heirs for the Sequatchie Pack. As the Alpha’s daughter and only child, she is destined to continue his bloodline, while allowing her mate to lead the pack—an archaic rule of the collective Smoky Mountain Wolves packs.
On her thirty-second birthday, five men will be presented to her for choosing. It’s not about love in her pack. It’s about power. When each man reveals who they are, and what they’re capable, Jupiter finds herself in over her head.
Will she be able to narrow down her choices, to the perfect “match,” or will Jupiter find she can’t let any of them go?
Change is coming to the Sequatchie pack, and Jupiter must blaze the trail…

My review:

Jupiter's Shadow is the first in a new series. This is a reverse harem shifters story that has a lot of smoking hot sex but it is all part of the story. I liked Pip and her guys. I had a bit of a problem figuring out her father’s motivations but eventually all worked out. This is a fun story with a bit of angst but mostly a strong woman coming into her own.
Warning there is a m/m scene but it is important to the story (it is also sizzling hot)

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