Friday, June 16, 2017

A Wolf in Bear's Clothing (Paranormal Dating Agency Universe) by Renee George


Since only a male heir can assume the reigns of the Orsino Bear Clan, quirky and curvy Quinn Orson needs a bear husband and fast. Quinn would willingly let go of her father’s title, wealth, and property—after all, she’s a doctor and lives independent from the clan, but if she doesn’t find a suitable mate in the next two weeks, her mom and younger sisters will suffer the harsh consequences. Quinn wants to save her family's legacy--she just doesn't want to marry some hairy beast to keep it. 

Desperate, Quinn seeks the help of the Paranormal Dating Agency. When she meets sexy security specialist Luke Dashwood, their instant attraction makes him the perfect hubby candidate. After all, if he smells like a bear and acts like a bear … then he’s a bear, right? Um  

Werewolf Luke Dashwood wants Quinn Orson, the voluptuous emergency room doctor whose beauty and smarts make his inner beast howl. When he learns she’s gone to the PDA to find a mate—he’s determined to show her that he can be her one and only. Two problems. 1. She’s the eldest daughter of the Orsino bear clan, and needs a mate to keep her family’s legacy intact. To clarify: A bear shifter mate. 2. She’s the target of a maniac hellbent on killing her before she can reclaim her birthright. 

Now, Luke’s wolf is ready to bear-up and do whatever it takes to keep the woman he loves safe—even if it means losing her forever. 

Reader Note: This book is based in Milly Taiden's Paranormal Dating Agency world, and in that spirit, there is plenty of hot sex, a smart and sexy plus-sized heroine, a hot,hunky alpha who will do anything to make her his own, and enough nail-biting action to keep you on the edge of your seats until the very end!

My review:

Dr. Quinn Orson is a smart accomplished woman who is also a bear shifter and heir to her clan but she needs to marry to keep her family and clan safe. There is trouble from within the clan in the form of her fathers second who wants Quinn so he can take over the clan and run it as he likes which won’t be good for Quinn or her sisters. She is hoping that Gerri Wilder can find her a mate her bear can live with.
Werewolf Luke Dashwood wants Quinn but she needs a bear. There doesn’t seem to be a way through for them but Gerri is never wrong and we get to go along for the ride.
A Wolf in Bear's Clothing is a fast paced, sexy romp that will keep you flipping pages to the very end.

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