Friday, May 5, 2017

Spells to Die For (Witch's Brew Cozy Mystery 2) by C.C. Dragon

Claudia Crestwood and friends are back again for more mystery, murder, and magic!
New witches are welcomed to town. Even invited to a coven meeting. Then deadly spells turn up missing from the family collection—was it the rival witch or the one who turned up dead? Either way, Claudia needs to retrieve the spells and solve the murder…
With a competing coven growing and a new werewolf in town, Claudia has her hands full. Add in the personal secret she’s still trying to uncover plus her first magical ball and she needs all the help she can conjure!

My review:
Spells to Die For is a wonderful cozy mystery filled with terrific characters you want to know more about.  In this installment coffee house owner and witch Claudia Crestwood is bound and determined to uncover the secret her family is hiding from her. And of course there is a murder to clear up and then there is her boyfriend Bran and his family to deal with. I love that Claudia is not a pushover and is true to herself. I really look forward to more adventures at the Witch's Brew.

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