Saturday, May 13, 2017

Death of a Double Dipper (Stormy Day Mystery #5) by Angela Pepper

A visit to an open house brings Stormy Day into the center of a troubling murder.
The local police aren’t lacking for suspects. The victim, Realtor Michael Sweet, was a bully who made countless enemies over his years in Misty Falls.
The problem for Stormy is that the most likely suspects are friends of hers. A couple of them couldn’t look more guilty if they tried. Helping the police to crack this case may break Stormy’s heart.
Worse, if she trusts the wrong person, Stormy’s heart may have bigger problems. Like getting stabbed a whole bunch of times!

My review:
I LOVE STORMY DAY! Once again there has been a gruesome murder in Misty Falls. Realtor Michael Sweet was an awful person, he was a mean bully and a total pig so good riddance to bad meat but even he didn’t deserve to be stabbed between 23 and 25 times and left for dead. Because of his personality there is an abundance of people happy to see him gone but who did the deed? Despite being determined not to get involved Stormy ends up neck deep in the investigation. Now she just has to pray she finds the killer before they find her. This story has lots of small town charm and lots of good friends. A charming addition to the series.

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