Thursday, June 9, 2016

Snow Wolf (Wolves of Willow Bend #9) by Heather Long

Don't miss the highly anticipated installment in the Wolves of Willow Bend as we travel north to one of the most secretive packs in the U.S. 

Ranae is the youngest of the Buckleys— the only girl among three powerful male siblings. Her restlessness and dominant nature affected her every relationship within Willow Bend, not to mention testing the patience of her Alpha. Apprenticeship to the Hunters fed her desire for a purpose. When her Alpha and eldest brother ask her to undertake a mission to the Yukon territory, she’s thrilled at the opportunity to be useful. Clashing with the Diesel was the last thing she expected on the dangerous assignment. 

Diesel, the oldest Alpha in the U.S. packs, lives a gray existence. The loss of his mate so many decades ago wears away at him until he doesn’t give a damn about anything. The problems of the other packs are not his, and he prefers to be left in isolation. The arrival of the Chief Enforcer annoys him, but it is the wolf traveling with him who wakes the predator in Diesel. The scent of mate clings to her, but she rejects his overtures and challenges him on every level. 

War may be coming for the Yukon, but Diesel’s battle is very personal…

My review:
Woo hoo! What a ride! Diesel, the oldest Alpha in the U.S. packs, is about to have his world shaken up by Ranae Buckley a young hunter/envoy from the Willow Bend pack.  Ranae is about to have her perception of the Yukon pack shook up. When these two meet worlds collide. I was worried that Diesel would be too old and set in his ways to fully appreciate Ranae. But I should have known better. Ranae would take delight in bringing Diesel kicking and screaming back to life. I love Diesels sense of humor and the fact that Ranae doesn’t just roll over for him. The are some surprising revelations about the enforcer Julian and I hope we get his story soon. I love this world and the folks who live in it. Well done Heather Long.

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