Monday, January 19, 2015

To Save A Mate (A Western Shapeshifter Werewolf Romance): Somewhere, TX (VonBrandt Family Book 1) by Krystal Shannan

A chance he never thought he'd have comes at a price he never wanted her to pay 

What do you do when everything you thought was real turns out to be a lie? How do you pick yourself up and move on? Move past the pain? 

Kara McClure is living the perfect life. A great boyfriend, supportive loving parents, and a full ride to John McAdams University on a scholarship. What could go wrong? But something always does. When tragedy hits, you’re supposed to be able to count on those closest to you for support. Kara turns to the love of her life, Vincent Harris, only to find him supporting the nether lips of her sorority sister. 

Luke VonBrandt is a business college student with a secret no one can know. When an accident threatens the life of an innocent girl he's secretly loved since high school, he risks everything to give her a second chance on life, even exposing the truth about what he is. The blue-eyed beauty haunts his dreams and her scent is all he can think about. 

Luke’s wolf insists he find a way to claim her as his own. 

But Kara’s broken heart will fight him every step of the way.

My review:
Kara McClure is having a bad day.  She has just found out that her parents have died in a car wreck and when she goes to tell her boyfriend of 5 years she finds him screwing her best friend and then, while running away from that she runs out in front of a pickup that can’t stop in time. OUCH!
BMOC Luke has loved Kara since high school. When she runs in front of his truck he can’t stop in time.  She is dying in his arms so he does what he feels he has to to save her.  Luke bonds her soul to his to save her life but now he has to convince her that not all men are scum and he and his secrets are worth loving.
This is a wonderful werewolf romance.  There is a slow build to the hot sex and some terrific secondary characters. I really got a kick out of the VonBrandt family.  If you want a fast paced, well written werewolf romance give this a try.
I received this ARC from the author for a honest review

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