Monday, January 26, 2015

Ghost of a Promise (Phantoms) by Kelly Moran

A paranormal category romance from Entangled's Covet imprint...

It might be love…but will they survive the night?

The ghosts of her family's estate on the coast of Maine never troubled Ava Trumble. When she finally inherits the historic mansion, however, there's a small string attached: Ava has exactly one year to solve a 200-year-old mystery of a missing girl, or lose her family's home...

The lead investigator for paranormal TV show Phantoms, Jackson Granger, is prepared for any metaphysical encounter—until now. It's not just the uncanny sense of "coming home" or even his reaction to the fiery redhead who seems to consume his every waking thought. No, it's that the ghosts are using Jackson and Ava's attraction to play out a centuries-old tragedy. Heartbreak. Loss. Overwhelming passion. Now Jackson and Ava must determine if they're sharing something real...or if they've been possessed by a love that never died.

My review:
Kelly Moran writes one hell of a story.  I am not a big fan of ghost stories or reality TV.  Kelly Moran sucked me in and made me love both.  This is a terrific multi-level romance.  Ms. Moran doesn’t miss a note.  Ava is a young woman with a problem, she will inherit the house she wants to turn into a B&B if she can solve a 200 year old mystery within a year.  Enter Jackson and his crew from the TV show Phantoms, they can help Ava get in touch with the very active ghosts in the house.    Plus you have the ghosts love story, the whole town refuses to enter the house because of the ghosts and then there is family. I know that it sounds cheesy but trust me this is really well done.
A gifted copy was provided by author for an honest review

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