Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beloved Vampire (Vampire Queen #4) by Joey W. Hill


Escaping the depraved servitude of a vampire master she killed, Jessica has found her way, with three nomadic guides, to the sun-baked desolation of the Sahara-only to slowly perish. Then she hears the tale of Farida, an enigmatic beauty lost as well to the Sahara three centuries ago, whose ancient desire for the legendary vampire Lord Mason is stirring the same desires in Jessica. But the more Jessica's fatal curiosity reveals of Farida, the closer she gets to Lord Mason's irresistible and forbidden secret.

My review:

This book can be read stand-alone.  We met Mason briefly in The Mark of the Vampire Queen (Vampire Queen, #2) this story happens some months after that.  Jessica was forced into becoming a vampire servant and endured the horrid depravity at the hands of her master.  She would escape into her imagination through the stories of Farida and her lover.  She survives her masters death at her hands and escapes into the Saharan Desert looking for Farida’s tomb.  She goes there to die but is instead saved by Lord Mason Farida’s lover and an ancient vampire.  They both have issues but could ultimately end up saving each other.  This is another darkly sensual tale in the Vampire Queen series.  

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