Monday, March 11, 2013

Wild Invitation (Psy-Changeling Anthology) by Nalini Singh

Four short stories from Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series.  The first two have been published elsewhere (but I hadn't read them) and the second two are entirely new.

Beat of Temptation – Tamsyn & Nates story.  Tamsyn is the healer and heart of the DarkRiver Leopards and one of my favorite characters.  Because of an attack on the DarkRiver cats Tamsyn is forced to grow up fast.  She becomes the community’s healer at the age of 17.  She has known the Nate was her mate since she was 15.  Nate is 10 years her senior and has forced himself (and his cat) to wait until she is grown and has had a chance to see a bit of the world.  Tamsyn is now 19 and back from medical training and is tired of waiting.  Nate needs to put up or shut up.

Stroke of Enticement – DarkRiver leopard Zach Quinn is smitten with human teacher Annie Kildare when he goes to deal with his nephews’ problem at school.  Because of her parents dysfunctional marriage Annie has lost faith in love.  Zach won’t settle for anything less.

Declaration of Courtship – SnowDancer lieutenant, Cooper is about as dominant as they come.  When he meets shy submissive Grace he knows she is the one for him.  (This D/s relationship is nothing like 50 Shades but explains the dynamic the best I’ve read)  Can he get her wolf to understand that he would never hurt her?

Texture of Intimacy – SnowDancer healer Lara and Walkers story.  We read about it peripherally in Kiss of Snow.  I've always felt that Walker was the strongest of the Lauren clan, not necessarily the most deadly but the strongest in force of will. Having survived Silence and the betrayal of Yelene can he learn to let go and share with Lara?

A wonderful addition to this fantastic series.

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