Monday, March 25, 2013

Rough Around the Edges by Ranae Rose

Rough, raw and romantic.
 Ryan Moore, former marine is trying to rebuild his life after being processed out of the Marines after an injury from an IED makes him unfit for duty. He has come back physically enough to fight competitively but still suffers migraines from TBI.  Ryan has always been a fighter.  Rebelling against his family he joins the Marines and finds a sort of peace in fighting the good fight and just taking orders.  When that is taken away the only peace he finds is when he is training or fighting MMA. Then he meets female fighter Ally Rivera.  The attraction is instant on his part and as they grow together she gives him a new lease on life, a focus he has needed and a new sense of peace but can they have a future?
This is Ryan & Ally’s story told from Ryan’s point of view.  If you want to read it from Ally’s POV you need to read Battered Not Broken.  I’d expected Ryan’s side to be a little more raw than Ally’s and it was he is a guy after all but it was also much more sweet than I’d anticipated.  For a rough tough he man Ryan has an incredible capacity to care.  Ally’s story was wider.  It encompassed more characters but that might be because Ally is more generous with herself than Ryan is.  I totally enjoyed this story.  The sex is hot the characters are believable and the story makes you want to root for them both. 

I’d like to thank Ranae Rose for giving me the opportunity to read and review this story.

Rough Around the Edges releases on April 4th.

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Ranae Rose said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Ryan's side of the story, Donna. :)