Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fate's Edge (The Edge #3) by Ilona Andrews

In this the third installment of the Edge series by Ilona Andrews we are once again treated to the incredible world building this amazing author team put together.  Reality depends on where you are and how much magic you have.  If you don’t have any magic you live in “The Broken” and you are basically a Muggle.  If you have a lot of magic you live in “The Weird”.  Between “The Broken” and “The Weird” is “The Edge”.  This is where misfits from both sides exist.  Most folks from The Weird can’t cross into The Broken and vice-verse but then there are some who can.    In Fate's Edge we meet Audrey who lives in The Edge and works in The Broken.   One of her “gifts” is locks.  She has yet to meet one she can’t open.  Audrey comes from a family of grifters and is dragged into doing one last score for her father.  Kaldar used to live in The Edge and now lives and works in The Weird.  He has many talents but he is paid to use those talents for his government.  They have sent him to retrieve the item the Audrey has helped her father steal.

We meet up with characters from the previous two books but you could probably read as a stand-alone.  I don’t know why you would want to though as this is a terrific series and well worth the read.

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