Saturday, September 30, 2017

Vampire's Soul (Vampire Queen #14) by Joey W. Hill

Loss left them only rage...Until they found each other…

Cai doesn’t want to be with anyone. He doesn’t want a damn servant, he doesn’t want to be associated with damn vampires. Rand just wants to forget his human side, stay in his wolf form and find a satisfying and hopefully violent, bloody way to bring it all to an end.

But when a young female vampire’s life is at stake, the Vampire Council drafts Cai to enter a dark world he never wanted to visit again. Rand is too honorable to let him go alone, and the only way that can work is if he’s Cai’s fully marked servant, bound to the vampire for all eternity.

So fate decides these two lost souls need each other. Even if they have to tear each other apart to figure it out.

Note: While this title can stand alone, recommend first two books of series or one of the earlier standalones, like Beloved Vampire, to gain familiarity with the Vampire Queen world

My review:
m/m, m/m/f
Vampire's Soul is a fantastic addition to the Vampire Queen series. Rand is a depressed werewolf and Cai is an angry made vampire. These two lost souls come together in the most unlikely of ways and change each other on a fundamental level that may just be the best thing that happens to them. This story is filled with a lot of m/m loving so if that isn’t your thing you may want to skip this one but I have to tell you, you will surely miss out. As with all of this authors books there is so much more than sex going on between the characters and never has it been more evident than between Cai and Rand. As a bonus we get to check in with a couple of favorite characters from previous books. Grab a drink and settle in for a hell of a read.

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