Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Peaches Monroe Trilogy by Mimi Strong

Peaches Monroe is a curvy young woman who always speaks her mind. She's working in her small town bookstore when a handsome dark-haired man comes running in, hiding from reporters. He's Dalton Deangelo, a sexy actor who plays a vampire on a popular TV series. Within minutes of meeting, Peaches and Dalton have undeniable chemistry. She thinks he's just a Hollywood playboy after another conquest. He thinks she's the cutest, funniest, smartest girl he's ever met. Sparks fly in this very funny, sexy series. This edition contains all 3 books in the Peaches Monroe trilogy: Stardust, Starlight, and Starfire.

My review:

I am so glad that I bought this as the collection with all 3 books.  I might have given up if I hadn’t.  I love a romantic comedy and The Peaches Monroe qualifies as that but Peaches vacillation between Dalton, Adrian and Keith had me grinding my molars.  Fortunately the fun kept me coming back for more.  I loved these characters the fun they had had me laughing out loud and the love scenes kept the temperature hot (when of course I wasn’t laughing).  I loved watching them all grow and learn to love and be loved.  This is the first I’ve read by this author but I plan to check out her backlist very soon.

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