Saturday, September 28, 2013

Orion Rising (Orion #1 & 2) by Cathryn Cade

This is actually the first two books of Cathryn Cade’s sexy scifi Orion series. 
Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght – The maiden voyage of the space ship Orion is delayed which put the navigator Tryon Jag off schedule and now the 6 foot plus of man-tiger has gone into a mating frenzy and to top it off eco-terrorists have sabotaged the auto-nav computer.  If Tyron can’t get it together the ship and crew will crash and burn in the asteroid belt around the planet Bryght.  Tyger female Calla is an interpreter on staff and volunteers to help bring Tryron out of mating madness.  Things get smoking hot and it isn’t just the computers burning.
Her Commander – War hero Steven Craig is Captain of the Orion.  After the sabotage done to the Orion on her maiden voyage he is determined to keep her safe.  Everyone coming aboard is scanned and he has the best security force money can buy.  Tessa Alligon is a cadet in the Serpentian Guard and as such the Captain considers her off limits.  When Tessa catches him in a moment of weakness he gives in to his desire for her.  His morning after regrets don’t go over to well with Tessa but he has bigger issues it appears there is another saboteur on the Orion. 

These stories just go to prove that no matter where or when or even what species the male is he is going to screw up.  Good thing they are sizzling hot and total sex gods or they might never dig themselves out.

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