Friday, October 6, 2017

A Little Harmless Scandal by Melissa Schroeder

Wanting two men isn't the smart thing to do, but falling for both of them might just ruin all their lives. 

Adam Fullerton and Mick McGrath have been a couple for over five years but they always knew something was missing. They have brought more than one woman into their bed, but none of them had enticed them into a more permanent relationship. That is, until the meet photographer Serenity Jones. 

Serenity lives a simple life, one far from her childhood as a star of one of most popular sitcoms on TV. She'd been the poster child for an out of control teen and had more than one deranged fan. She got herself clean, changed her name, and disappeared. She avoids anything that might attract the tabloids and that definitely includes the Mick and Adam. Even knowing that, she allows them to tempt her into a night of pleasure. 

After that night, none of them are ready to walk away. But soon, Serenity's former life comes back to haunt her as tabloids catch whiff of her new relationship. As the scandal erupts around them, the threesome must learn to stand together, or lose the fragile new relationship. 

**Warning: This book includes two hot bisexual men, one very interested woman, and lots of smexy scenes including all three of them. Also has much Hawaiian scenery, a trip to Rough 'n Ready (and a scene with Micah Ross), along with a scenes so hot, it will melt your e-reader and curl your toes. As any Harmless Addict will tell you, ice water and towels are recommended while reading.  

My review:

HOT!!! A Little Harmless Scandal is a smoking hot ménage love story set in paradise.  Mick and Adam have been together as lovers for 5 years and friends even longer. They are yin and yang. Adam is dark and dreamy but a realist who plans. Mick is light and sweet and always smiling who charges in full steam ahead, not so much with the planning. With them both being bisexual it has meant that there was a piece missing in their lives. Upon meeting Serenity Jones their next door neighbor they feel like she may just be what the doctor ordered.
When these three get together it is a combination of sweet and fiery hot. I found myself rooting for the three of them to turn into something lasting. Serenity stole my heart from the very beginning and I am sure that these three will steal your heart as well.

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