Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Puppy Love (Redwood Ridge #1) by Kelly Moran

After a passionless marriage under the scrutiny of high society, Avery Stowe is taking back her life. All she wants is a little privacy and a quiet place to raise her autistic daughter, Hailey. Redwood Ridge, Oregon, seems to offer all the right ingredients. Except for the problem of the local sexy veterinarian. The last thing she needs in her life is to fall for his irresistible allure, even if he is a nice guy who keeps doing her favors. But the well-meaning patrons of her new hometown have other ideas, and it appears playing Cupid is one of them.
Cade O’Grady has never met a woman he couldn't handle, but when Avery Stowe walks into his office late one night cradling an injured puppy, he’s struck stupid. Which might explain her total lack of interest in him. But now that she’s working for his family’s clinic, he doesn't have to lust from a distance. He might just have a chance at convincing Avery—and her too-guarded heart—that falling for the right man isn't a mistake . . .

My review:
I’m in love with the O’Grady brothers! Avery Stowe is new in town and starting over. She has escaped a loveless marriage that has done a number on her self-esteem and taken her autistic daughter to live in a small Oregon town to be near her mother.  After an inauspicious meeting she ends up working for Cade O’Grady and his brothers at their animal hospital. These guys are good looking, single, and employed. They have a sense of humor and are all around good guys. They aren’t perfect but they try.
Fans of Jill Shalvis and Kristan Higgins small town romance should get a kick out of Puppy Love. I fell into the story and didn’t want to leave. Cade stole my heart right along with Avery and Haileys. I can’t wait for the next brother to fall.

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Happy Release Day to Kelly Moran! I am giving away an e-copy of PUPPY LOVE to one commenter to celebrate. I'll pick a winner tomorrow and gift the eBook. Happy reading!


Monday, February 27, 2017

Magic and Mayhem: Poison in Pink (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Saranna DeWylde

A wicked witch turned Peter Johnson into a prick, literally, and now that the curse is broken he's going to get some revenge of his own.

My review:
Poison in Pink is a laugh out loud, tongue in cheek follow up to Risky Witchness. A warlock with the unfortunate name of Peter Johnson has just been released from being cursed into a porcupine familiar. Now back on two feet he is determined to find out who cursed him and why.  This isn’t a long story but it packs enough laughs for a full sized tome.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Crazy by Eve Langlais

Ella hears voices and they don’t like anyone.

Institutionalized at a young age after the breakup of her parents, Ella’s always heard voices. Even worse, the voices in her head like to act. She thinks she’s crazy and destined to be a patient for life until the night she meets a vampire and for the first time in her life, the voices shut up.

Zane just wants to enjoy his usual blood buffet, instead he runs into a wisp of a woman who makes him feel emotions he thought long dead. Rescuing her from the insane asylum, he brings her home, determined to assuage his lust; a plan that is foiled by ghostly voices more determined to keep her pure than a steel welded chastity belt.

Together they discover Ella might not be as crazy as everyone thinks, but even as they discover her innate power, someone from her past wants to hurt her. Will crazy and undead prevail against covetous evil? And most important of all, will the voices ever allow them to indulge in the desire that consumes them?

My review:
Crazy is a sweet, funny sometimes heart wrenching tale of a young woman who hears voices. She was abandoned to a mental institution at a young age and grew up in that environment. But don’t feel too sorry for her. Her voices can and do act out when she is in danger or just because they can. The only one to ever quiet the voices is a 300 year old vampire who just wanted a meal. And there their adventure begins. Watch as Ella learns to live outside the ordered/controlled environment of the mental institution. Watch as Zane starts to feel again. Watch as these two fall for each other. Enjoy their trip I know I did.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Gonzo (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club #7) by Candace Blevins

Gonzo has not only had to come to terms with the loss of his entire family, but he also barely survived being shot in the chest multiple times while still a human, and was then later turned into a werewolf during a vicious attack while hiking as he tried to put his life back together.

Constance has had her own losses to deal with, and while nowhere near as bad as Gonzo’s, they’ve left a mark on her as well. She’s determined to live her life without a partner though, because her two sexual experiences in college convinced her she’s asexual.

Gonzo’s a biker people cross the road to avoid, while Constance has multiple doctorate degrees and works as a research scientist for a leading pharmaceutical firm. Gonzo doesn’t trust women, Constance has no use for men — and yet they’re going to find themselves working toward the same goals.

Can they form a team to do what needs to be done?

My Review:

And how can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round?
How can you mend this broken man?
How can a loser ever win?

Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again

This song played through my mind throughout this book. 
Gonzo is a sincerely broken man. He lost his wife and kids and was turned into a werewolf. He exists for his brothers in the club and that’s about the extent of his living. Until he meets uptight, prissy pharmaceutical scientist Constance who is about to shake up his world in ways you can’t begin to guess at. I loved watching Gonzo and Constance bring each other into the world of the living. I love how the irredeemable gets a second chance at love and life. Don’t worry Gonzo is still a bada$$ biker but maybe a little softer around the edges.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Seducing the Saint (Saints and Sinners #1) by Melissa Schroeder

Liberty Wainwright needs a man and not just any man. She needs Brady St. James, otherwise known as the Saint. His skills and knowledge make him the only choice to rescue her father. Now, if she can convince him to help her, she’ll just have to ignore her cravings for the man she’s never forgotten.
Brady is stunned the woman who left him high and dry is back and asking for his help. Their affair had been doomed from the start. Libby liked to live by the rules and Brady lived to break them. He’d sworn she’d be back, but he hadn’t expected it to take over six years for her to return.
The moment he accepts her mission, they discover their passion for each other is still smoldering. Unable to resist each other, their attraction sparks into an inferno that threatens to overpower all rational thinking. Libby and Brady realize they still might have a chance at love and happily ever after. If they don’t get themselves killed first.

My review:
Fans of Romancing the Jewel will get a kick out of this steamy scifi second chance romance. Archeologist Liberty Wainwright needs help finding her estranged father. The problem is the guy that can help her on her quest is hunky Brady St. James, aka the Saint. He took her innocence in more ways than one six years earlier but that was then and this is now. Except they never really had any closure and Brady is damned if he is going to let her get away again. I enjoyed this fast paced sexy romp and look forward to future installments. 

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Were Me Out: Shift Happens Book Four by Robyn Peterman


Why do I have to have my tail in a knot for the one hot, sexy Werewolf who can’t seem to keep his Johnson in his pants? 

I’m a nice girl—really I am. I’m just a typical computer-hacking, knife-throwing, Star Trek-obsessed, overeducated Werewolf nerd who can’t seem to get her love life to compute.  

However, it’s time to grow up and face the music or more accurately the man I’m in love with… Junior aka Jacob Wilson—the Alpha of the Georgia Pack. First I’ll have to stand up to some nasty gals who’s pants are so tight I can see their religion. Then I'll claim my man. 

What should be an easy feat, gets sucktastic when you throw in a three hundred year old fabulous gay Vampyre, an antiquated motherboard from the 90’s and a challenge from the vicious, deadly Alabama Pack. Not to mention a libido that is out of control. Mine. 

So I’m just gonna dive in—head first and eyes closed. Love conquers all. Right? As long as reality doesn’t wear me out, I plan to win.

My review:
Laugh out loud goodness from the first page to the last. Paranormal rom com at its finest. Buy this book and enjoy. I really loved all the characters and was thrilled that Junior and Sandy got their heads out of their tails and took the plunge.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Elite Elements: Seven-Novel Cohesive Military Boxed Set by Jennifer Kacey , Heather Long , Sabrina York , Anna Alexander , Rebecca Royce , Saranna DeWylde , Virginia Nelson

Elite Elements: Seven-Novel Cohesive Military Boxed Set by Jennifer Kacey , Heather Long , Sabrina York , Anna Alexander , Rebecca Royce , Saranna DeWylde , Virginia Nelson

Elite Elements
Book Three in the Elite Warriors Series
For most of their lives they’ve lived in the shadows, pulled from every nation and background, united by one common cause—an all-consuming hatred of Red Wolf. The unquenchable desire to rid the world of his very existence fuels them, drives them.
These men and women pulled the fallen Elite from the snow-covered wreckage of Operation Phoenix years ago. To some they’re called saviors. To others they’re called traitors.
As Red Wolf’s power grows, the end game they’ve sacrificed everything for may destroy them all. Or just maybe they’ll finally find the peace they’ve been hunting for.
Revenge is their salvation but is there enough humanity left inside them to save?
A new end. A new beginning. Elite Elements.
Satisfying Silicon by Virginia Nelson
Lady Dead may be number five on his hit list, but she trusts that Silicon will come for her. Save her or kill her... either way, it'll be a hot ride.
Cesium’s Capture by Sabrina York
The mission is all that matters...until he meets her.
Vibranium’s Truth by Anna Alexander
It’s not the size of the gun that makes a warrior, but the strength of her convictions.
Palladium’s Confession by Saranna DeWylde
A defrocked priest and his benediction of death are no match for this BBW on a mission.
Francium's Chance by Rebecca Royce
Just because he's on the right side of the fight doesn't mean she can trust him.
Asset: Arsenic by Heather Long
Arsenic is playing a dangerous game, but one with hefty payout—Red Wolf’s head on a platter.
 Kryptonite’s Oxygen by Jennifer Kacey
To rid the world of the deadliest wolf a broken girl must trust her kryptonite.

My review:
Elite Elements is a fantastic conclusion to the Elite Warriors Series. These stories can be read standalone for the most part but when read together they tell an even larger tale. Some of my favorite authors shine in this wonderful boxed set. Fans of romantic suspense are sure to enjoy this book.
Satisfying Silicon by Virginia Nelson – Lady Dead is an arms dealer and on the same trail as Silicon to find and take down folks close to Red Wolf the ultimate bad guy. When she is taken captive she knows he will find her. Whether to kill her or claim her is up for conjecture. Knowing he is coming for her is all that gets her through. You have to love a kick a$$ shady lady. Silicon will be tested but nothing worth having comes easy.
 Cesium’s Capture by Sabrina York – Coop is on a mission. He has to figure out whether Natalia is the good guy or the bad guy and take out her sleaze of a boyfriend along the way. Watching these two get together is a the only thing that kept me from crying and cussing the bad guys.
Vibranium’s Truth by Anna Alexander – Evan takes on human traffickers and meets his soul mate along the way. This story is not for the faint of heart.
 Palladium’s Confession by Saranna DeWylde – I love this story. Wen has a backstory to make angels weep. If anyone deserves happiness it is him. Hekate may just the one to bring him salvation.
Francium's Chance by Rebecca Royce – Tough as nails con man falls for his marks wife. These good guys may do bad things but they have a code. Never more evident than in this terrific story.
Asset: Arsenic by Heather Long – Sometimes being a female operative really sucks. Addison has put her life and body on the line to get close to the mole and finally the bad guys. This story had me laughing and crying. The characters were so vivid it was like watching a movie.
Kryptonite’s Oxygen by Jennifer Kacey – This story ties them all up and is as frenetic and exciting as you could hope for. Clark and Catarina’s story will keep you on the edge of your seat and yelling out loud.
There is not a bad story in the bunch. Run out and get your copy.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sassy Ever After: You Bet Your Sass (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Black Paw Wolves Book 3) by Melanie James

Sassy Ever After: You Bet Your Sass (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Black Paw Wolves Book 3)
by Melanie James

After losing a bet with Taavi Olsen, Lars Jakobsen finds himself on stage for a weekend doing something he never thought he’d do: Stripping for the ladies at one of Blue Creek’s most infamous establishments, The Horny Wolf.
When the unmistakable sweet scent of his mate nearly knocks him on his ass, all bets are off. Or are they?
Sofia Martinez wants a one-night stand, but Lars wants more. Will she keep him chasing his own tail? Or will they get their happily ever after?

My review:
You meet your mate in the most unlikely of places. Lars has lost a bet. He either submits to a less dominant wolf or spends a weekend stripping at The Horny Wolf. Guess which he picks.
Sofia has had a crappy day made worse by walking in on her boyfriend screwing someone on her couch. The disrespect hurts more than the indiscretion. Her gal pals drag her to The Horny Wolf to take her mind off of things.
The meeting between Lars and Sofia is surreal and super sexy. The drama and angst are almost too much but the authors sense of humor takes the edge off and makes this a most enjoyable read. 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Bad Case of Loving You (Wolf Mates Book 5) by Dakota Cassidy

Bad Case of Loving You, Book 5 in the Wolf Mates series by USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Dakota Cassidy, is here.

Return to Cedar Glen, home to a laugh-out-loud cast of characters including Crosby Nash, a werewolf with amnesia! Love is in the air. Or is it, as Cedar Glens resident psychiatric nurse struggles to discover the cause and cure her patient.

Werewolf Ella Stills has just one question: What exactly does it take to leave one's life mate? Particularly when said life mate is a stubborn, stupid-headed, liar-liar-pants-on-fire cheater? 

Apparently the answer is. . .amnesia. Not hers. His. 

Crosby Nash, Mr. Hotshot Super-fine Lycan Lawyer, has gone and gotten himself conked on the head. Not only does he no longer remember Ella, their recent separation, or his dastardly cheatin' heart—Crosby doesn't even remember that he's a werewolf. A psychiatric nurse by trade, Ella jumps at the pack's offer of a divorce if she aids Crosby in his rehabilitation. Once his memory returns, she'll be free. 

But Ella didn't count on Crosby's lost memory turning him back into the man she fell in love with. . .the one she can't resist. And when it becomes clear the pack needs Crosby to regain his memory for a reason—a reason curiously related to the woman he may have cheated with—it's a mystery Ella can't resist.

Though she'll probably wish she had. . . 

This paranormal romantic comedy contains humor, shifters, werewolves, and LOL fun. Bad Case of Loving You is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 

Previously Published: (2011) Ellora's Cave | Original title: Honey, I Shrunk the Werewolf.

My review:
Dakota Cassidy writes snarky, sexy, laugh out loud romance and this paranormal romantic comedy is no different. This hilarious second chance/amnesia romance ticks off every checkbox for done to death tropes and still manages to be outrageously unique. I laughed my way through Ella and Crosby’s troubles and cheered when they finally manage to find their way back to each other.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Once Upon A Valentine

Once Upon A Valentine - by Emma Roman , Carrie Ann Ryan , Jodi Vaughn , Krystal Shannan , C.A. Szarek , Geri Foster , Julia Mills , Sylvia McDaniel  , Heather Long , Gwen Knight , Rebecca Rivard , Camryn Rhys


100% of earned royalties go directly to the American Society of Autism to help fund programs that support families with children on the spectrum. Help us educate and make a difference one dollar at a time.
BRAND NEW BOOKS from some of your favorite paranormal and contemporary romance authors!

Accidentally In Love (Bad Boys, Billionaires & Bachelors)(Somewhere, TX) - Emma Roman

--A client who won't listen and a matchmaker who won't give up.

Love, Honor, and Ink (A Montgomery Ink Novella)- Carrie Ann Ryan

--A wedding planner and her neighbor. Falling in love with your best friend is never easy.

Secrets of a Silver Moon - Jodi Vaughn 

--Some Valentine secrets are too hot to handle.

Loving Hallie (Vegas Mates #6) - Krystal Shannan

--One kiss will change her life.

Highland Valentine - C.A. Szarek

Wrong Valentine Date - Geri Foster

--Cupid comes knocking on the wrong door.

Kiss of Her Dragon - Julia Mills

--Dragon kisses, bear hugs and evil wizards...Valentine's Day should come with hazard pay.

Cupid Stupid - Sylvia McDaniel

--When three women dance naked around Cupid's fountain, there will be consequences.

His Moonstruck Wolf - Heather Long

--When a matchmaker gets toasted at the after party, she finds the perfect wolf for her in the most unlikely of places. Of course, the last thing he wants is a mate, much less a matchmaking one.

Death by Chocolate - Gwen Knight

--Love is death...but so is being single on Valentine's Day.

Valentine Kisses (A Fada Shapeshifters Novella) - Rebecca Rivard
--Jenny's just looking to spice up her life when she says yes to a date with a sexy Latino shifter. But there's magic in a Valentine's kiss...

Heart of A Hero - Camryn Rhys

--A Valentine's Accident, an ancient spell, and Paul Banfield will never be the same.

My review:
This is wonderful compilation of stories guaranteed to make your heart go pitty pat for a fabulous cause.
I love anthologies because they introduce me to authors I might not have read otherwise.  I will admit that my favorites in this set are buy authors I’ve read before but I’ve found some new reads to look into as well.
Accidentally In Love,  Love, Honor, and Ink, Secrets of a Silver Moon and His Moonstruck Wolf  are fun reads but authors I love and these stories can be read standalone without having read the series they are drawn from. But I can heartily recommend said series.
There isn’t a bad story in the bunch. I will admit to being surprised by Highland Valentine because I am not a huge fan of time travel romances but the characters sucked me in and made me feel for them to the point I was rooting out loud. I laughed my way through Cupid Stupid and will definitely be checking out the worlds of Krystal Shannan, Julia Mills and Rebecca Rivard.
I really enjoyed this entire book and heartily recommend you grab it while you can.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sassy Ever After: Slave To Your Sass (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Marianne Morea

Close Enough to Touch…or Slap.
Half breed shifter MacKenna Quinn doesn’t do trust. Not since waking to find her lover gone and the words I’m sorry scrawled on a note beside her pillow. Since then she’s moved on. A new job in a new town, until she finds herself face to face with her past.
Unfinished Business.
Liam Lowe, Alpha of the Catamount Pride, can have any woman he wants. Problem is he doesn't want any of them. A loner, he doesn’t do social, but an unexpected guest at his brother’s wedding changes the rules of engagement.
Old sparks turn to flame, rekindling old passion and regret, but that passion is tested to the limit when MacKenna’s job threatens more than just her life. Can the two put their unfinished business aside long enough to save more than one life?

My review:
I both loved and hated this story. I love the characters and wanted so much more. Watching Mac & Liam reunite was fun and sexy as hell. They fit in well to the Sassy Ever After world but I would have loved them to have their own book. I want to see Mac & Liam take on her uncle. I want to see what kind of wolf Zachary grows up to be. I guess it just goes to show great writing when you want to crawl into the book and live there for a while.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Lucien: Dragofin Mated: Book 2 (Dragonfin Mated #2) by Mychal Daniels


He thought his biggest challenge would be guarding the portal to this world and galaxy... until he met her.
Feisty and determined, Quinn Bradford is no man's pushover. After an unfortunate turn of events, she finds herself looking for new clients to save her business. When the sweet opportunity to persuade the owner of a jewel in the rough venue falls into her lap, Quinn's tenacity and never take no for an answer attitude is tested to its limits.
Enter one Lucien Drake, first-born dragon son, and leader of the Dragofin Clan. As the lead warrior guardian of this realm, he's intense, broody and rubs Quinn the wrong way. What might have been an answer to her prayers has turned into a test of her newly learned lesson to never again fall for the hot guy, especially when he's the most mysterious and sexy man she's ever encountered.
Can Quinn and Lucien find common ground for a peaceful truce when their worlds are destined to collide through a magnetic fiery attraction?

My review:
Fantastic! This paranormal romantic suspense had me laughing, crying, scratching my head and laughing some more. Lucien Drake is big buff and tough and a dragon shifter. He is the leader of the Dragofin Clan guardians of the portal to other realms and protectors of their section of the earth. His responsibilities make him something of a grumpy Gus. Quinn Bradford is smart and feisty. She has also been recently taken for all she has by the guy who claimed to love her. She is not ready for the impact Lucien has on her senses. These two start out oil and water and end up smoking hot. I love how the author sprinkles humor in with the heat and tribulations. I loved this book and can’t wait for the next in the series.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Unrequited Mate (ROAR #10) by TL Reeve, Michele Ryan

Welcome to Trueskin University...
Hayden Raferty, left behind her entire family and all her friends to get away from her mate, Nico Lopez. In a single night, he crushed her hopes and dreams of finding true love. Now, years later, Hayden has decided to move on and start over.
Nico Lopez knows he screwed up, but letting his mate walk away isn’t in his plans. It's time to make his move. With a little help from 555-ROAR, Nico obtains a spot in the Greek Shifter Games and is determined to show his mate there isn’t another male worthy of her. If has to put his body on the line to prove it, so be it.

My review:
I love the whole shifter university idea and have enjoyed each book in this loosely connected world that I’ve read to date. This is no exception. The writers had to struggle to get Nico in place where he could win back Hayden but once there it was fun watching him grovel a bit. When fate declares a mate for you fate will find a way. But nobody said it had to be easy. Unrequited Mate is a quick second chance romance that will transport you back to school and all the insecurities of finding love.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Can't Stop the Music (The Soul Mate Tree #2) by C.D. Hersh

For college senior and hippie wannabe Rosemary—Rose for short—a teaching job is within her grasp, but she wants more. She wants love, the kind of love that has bound her parents for so many years. When she’s dumped by her current boyfriend because her morals can’t bring her to give in to free love, she finds herself at Woodstock in the middle of the biggest free-love, music festival of the Sixties. Alone, again. Until a magical tree grants her wish and she finds the man of her dreams—and loses him before she really knows who he is.
Dakota meets the girl of his dreams at Woodstock, but a jealous wannabe girlfriend drives them apart before he can discover Rose’s last name and where she comes from. After he sees a disappearing tree that promises him true love, a frantic search to find Rose comes up empty-handed.
Magic and music brings them together at Woodstock in 1969. Misunderstandings tear them apart. Will two flower children find one another again, or live with missed opportunities?

My review:
The Woodstock Music Festival in the summer of 69 was more than free love and drugs. There was the music. That is what brought Rosemary to Yasgers farm. While there she encounters the Soul Mate Tree and wishes for her soul mate to appear. Rosemary is sweet a bit naïve when it comes to matters of the heart but she knows what she does and doesn’t want. Dakota meets Rosemary at Woodstock, but a jealous wannabe girlfriend drives them apart before he can discover Rosemary’s last name and where she comes from. Has the Soul Mate Tree steered them wrong? It may take ten long years for them to find out. Can't Stop the Music is a sweet second chance romance that will have you believing in magic.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Check Mate (Sassy Ever After Kindle World Novella) by Sheri Lyn

Tucker "Rook" Jameson is having an interesting week. First, he finds a body, then he finds his mate... the new Sheriff. Someone has decided to make the pack of Blue Creek pay, but for what is the question.
Sheriff West Graelin moved to Blue Creek for a change of pace. Instead in his first week, he meets a naked man over a dead body who tempts him beyond his ability to think straight. Now the bodies are piling up and their killer is taunting them.
It's time to team up in more than one way. Love, lust, laughter, friendship and murder...It’s just another day in this small town.

My review:
What I love most about stories from Sheri Lyn is they always make me smile. No matter what kind of mayhem is happening around her characters she manages to inject some humor and light. This story is no exception. In Check Mate wolf shifter Tucker "Rook" Jameson, meets his mate, the new sheriff, West Graelin over a dead body. After that inauspicious beginning we see them court while trying to solve several confusing murders.  A wonderful supporting cast of quirky characters makes the story that much better. This sweet story is a terrific addition to the  Sassy Ever After Kindle World.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

A Millionaire at Midnight by Naima Simone

Boston socialite Morgan Lett is having a run of bad luck. Her fiancé just dumped her for her stepsister, the charity foundation she’s given her life to is in danger of folding, and now, the gorgeous man she bid on and won at a masquerade bachelor auction turns out to be a cold-hearted jerk…and her new employer.
Millionaire Alexander Bishop needs the best wife money can buy. In order to inherit his family business, he must get engaged—fast. And Morgan, with her beauty and pedigree, is the perfect candidate. Her sharp tongue may drive him crazy, but she needs money to save the foundation she loves, and he needs a fiancée. It’s a flawless arrangement—no strings, no love. But soon she has him craving more, and cursing the platonic terms of their agreement.
Still, he won’t allow need—no matter how hot it burns—to threaten everything he’s built.

My review:
A Millionaire at Midnight by Naima Simone is a thoroughly delightful fake engagement romance. While the trope is predictable these characters are wonderfully damaged and so deserving of love that you just have to read on to make it so. I laughed and sniffled and sighed my way through this story and will probably do it again. Morgan and Alexander will suck you in and make you root for their happily ever after.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Follow The Honey (Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance Book 4) by Cathryn Cade


When she’s fired unjustly for embezzling from a brewpub owned by the Devil’s Flyers MC, a revenge prank is the worst idea this bubbly, BBW brunette ever had. And when she’s caught in the act, her hot, former boss has a very adult punishment in mind, starting with holding her hostage in his secluded house.
Lesa Boggs has solid goals—build a white-collar career that will make her father proud, find a steady, faithful man to marry, and help her younger sisters do the same. But she's better at waitressing than crunching numbers, she has a massive crush on her hot, man-slut boss, and a bad habit of acting on impulse. None of which make her a good candidate for the life she plans ... and all of which put her first in line for the Devil’s own consequences.
Pete Vanko co-owns the best brewpub and grill in Airway Heights WA. As a member of the Devil's Flyers MC, he works hard and plays hard, with all the women he wants. Life is good—until fate drops a sweet but feisty brunette in his lap, with curves that won't quit and a knack for getting into trouble.
Now to save her and his business, Pete must set a trap for a ring of dangerous thieves … but the one he really wants to discipline is Lesa.

Don't miss the 4th sexy, suspenseful installment in Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance--get your copy of Follow the Honey today!

My review:
What fun it is to watch a confirmed bachelor fall. Big bad biker Pete Vanko likes playing it fast and loose with the ladies. Unfortunately one of his flings gets upset when he moves on and is determined to get even. Enter sweet young Lesa Boggs his newest waitress. Pete decides to use Lesa to get even with his ex. It doesn’t even slow him down that it may just ruin her life. He will pay her off when he is done. But fate is a fickle bitch and Pete finds himself falling for Lesa. Can she forgive him? Just because he is hot doesn’t mean he is a good guy. Both Pete and Lesa are about to have their lives shook up in the best way. Follow The Honey is sweet, sexy and a whole lot of fun.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Date With Death (1Night Stand #130) by Louisa Bacio

Death sucks. It’s boring, and there’s no chance of getting laid. Stuck in the waiting room of Heaven, Maise fantasizes about all the pleasures of the flesh she didn’t get to experience. When she discovers a business card for the dating service, 1Night Stand, she wonders if there’s still a chance.
Reece normally wouldn’t consider being set up, but after his brother buys him a certificate, he feels obligated. A romantic night on the Southern California coast, with the full-of-life Maise leaves him wanting more.
Will a 1Night Stand be enough to overcome death?

My review:
These books are bite sized sexy escapes for me. Leave it to Louisa Bacio to make it so much more than that. I figure we are all going to die wishing I had/hadn’t done that. Such is the case with young Maise a 24 year old virgin. Yep she doesn’t want to die a virgin. This is where the incomparable Madame Eve is called in to help a girl out.
What follows is a story of life, forgiveness, sweet sweaty sex, love and second chances. This book reminds us we have but a short time on this ball we need to do right and make the most of our time.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Uncaged (Chattanooga Supernaturals #4) by Candace Blevins

It’s been fourteen years since Keisha’s criminal actions put their son in foster care while Darnell was out of the country on a Navy SEAL mission. His attorneys handled all communication with her during the divorce proceedings, and he hasn’t spoken with her for nearly a decade and a half.
When she’s finally paroled, his wolf is insistent he makes sure she has a place to live and help getting on her feet.
Wolves mate for life, but the man can’t forgive her for putting their son at risk.

My review:
Uncaged is a true second chance romance. This book is an emotional rollercoaster ride that will make you laugh, cry and gasp for air. Keisha has made some grievous mistakes but has done her time. Darnell can hold a grudge after all Keisha’s actions put their son at risk. But the truth of the matter is his wolf still wants her and truth be told so does he. Their son has forgiven her why can’t he. The crux of the story is trust. Can love exist without it?
This book took me places I never expected to go. You don’t really expect to explore the nature of love in a paranormal romance. The author tells of an incredible journey and the bumps along the way. Oh and some smoking hot sex too.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fire Balls (Balls to the Wall #2) by Tara Lain

2nd Edition
Renowned artist Rodney Mansfield stands five foot six, has pink hair, six earrings, a black belt in karate—and a desperate yearning for firefighter Hunter Fallon. But Rod, the Runtback of Notre Dame, knows he’ll never land the beautiful “straight gay” guy, so Rod musters his altruism and helps his more masculine friend Jerry attract Hunter. As if a broken heart wasn’t enough, Rod saves Hunter from a firehouse homophobe—humiliating Hunter in front of his dad!
Hunter lives a dream life—his father’s dream. While he’d like to teach literature in college, read poetry in the sun, and find a strong guy to top him, he fights fires for his dad. Hunter hates flamboyant guys like Rodney. So why can’t he resist him? Maybe it’s time to admit this is one flame he has no desire to put out.
First Edition published by Etopia Press, 2012.

My review:
Artist Rodney Mansfield aka Roman is out and proud. He changes his hair color like I change my socks. He is smart and talented and as complex a character as I have seen from this author. Fireman Hunter Fallon is a gorgeous 6foot plus hunk who is tired of living everyone elses idea of who he should be. I loved these characters so much. This is a sweet story with a coming into yourself vibe that will have you examining your own motives. A terrific read.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Death, Taxes, and Sweet Potato Fries (Tara Holloway #11) by Diane Kelly

But this time IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway is in over her head—and challenging every dietary law in the book. . .

When the IRS is tasked with assisting the border patrol in pursuing unscrupulous “coyotes” who’ve transported illegal immigrants across the border, Tara finds herself at odds. Not only must she investigate Brett Ellington, her old flame whose landscaping business employs such workers, but now Tara has to convice her new romantic partner in crime, Nick Pratt, that she doesn’t still carry a torch for Brett. #stresseating #greaseistheword
“This series [is] a real winner.”—Fresh Fiction

Now, in addition to proving her love to her own fiancé, Tara is on the hunt for a trail of bogus 1099s in the Dallas area. Someone, somewhere is using the IRS as a pawn in a cunning game of revenge. Will Tara be able to identify the culprit making the false tax reports—before her sweet-potato-fry addiction forces her to get her engagement ring resized? That is, if jealousy doesn’t get the best of Nick first…

My review:
I am a late comer to the Tara Holloway series but I fell in love. Tara is a hoot. She is doing a thankless job with an incredible sense of humor. Her fiancé, Nick, is a good ol country boy with a brain. How these two work is magic to me but they do. Death, Taxes, and Sweet Potato Fries tackles some serious issues with humor and sensitivity. I promise I will never watch another telenovela the same way. So ponte las pilas and enjoy!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hexed with Sass (Sassy Ever After Kindle World) by Lia Davis

After losing her mother to an unexpected illness, and unable to locate a sister who is MIA, Pepper has to come to terms with being alone for the first in her life. She refuses to sit still and feel sorry for herself. Reviving her herb garden becomes her first project and she conjures a potion to help it grow. As she performs the spell, a silver wolf stumbles into her backyard, his focus on her. Knocking the magical potion from her grasp, he shifts into a hot and very naked man.
Wes Nash never expected to scent his mate while on a run. Seeing her in the flesh, tending to her garden by moonlight, is too much for him to deny. Little does he know the witch accidentally puts a hex on him, and not just his heart. Now, everything he touches sprouts leaves and flowers. But the screwed-up version of a green thumb is the least of their worries.
Pepper discovers a secret her mother didn’t get a chance to share before she died, and now the father she thought was dead comes back with dark plans of his own.

My review:
Hexed with Sass is a sweet werewolf/witch romance. I love how the author brings Pepper to the realization that power isn’t good or evil it is how you use it that counts. I think Wes may be the most patient and understanding werewolf ever. Getting short with your siblings doesn’t count. The lesson learned here is don’t drink and do magic. Enjoy this sweet rapidly paced short from the fabulous Lia Davis.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Wolf Moon (Moon #7) by Lisa Kessler

As the last Pack member without a mate, Luke Reynolds has become an outsider. When he takes a job as the head horse trainer Sedona, Arizona, he’s looking forward to starting a new life. But everything changes the night he finds beautiful woman stranded on the side of the highway.

Raven Wood has been bitten and turned against her will. Luckily, her spirit is stronger than most, and she has every intention of escaping the Sedona Pack. Somehow. The sexy lone wolf who rescues her might be just the answer she’s looking for. 

But the Sedona Pack Alpha has a mission, and unless Luke and Raven can stop him, they’ll lose everything.

My review:
Luke Reynolds is afraid he will never find his mate and as much as he loves his pack he is having a hard time with all the lovey dovey going on around him. So he takes to the road and gets a job in Sedona, Arizona where he meets a damsel in distress who just happens to be his mate.  Her distress may just get them both killed.
Luke was just this side of petulant at the start but that quickly goes away as he buries himself in his work. It took him forever to figure out Raven was his mate. I liked Raven. She has been through hell but still retains her self worth. We meet some interesting characters in the Sedona pack and some real assholes too.
Luke and Raven must work together to save their respective packs from a megalomaniacal jerk and if they happen to fall in love along the way it just gives them a reason to survive.
Wolf Moon is a terrific addition to the series and a joy to read.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Arcane Kiss (Talents #1) by Angela Knight

When his father is murdered, a military veteran becomes a target for terrorist sorcerers. Kurt Briggs has a spirit link to a tiger Familiar that gives him superhuman abilities, but he's no match for the witch and her shape-shifting polar bear. He turns to Arcanist witch Genevieve Reyes for help in fighting the killers' spells. 

As Genevieve and Kurt hunt the terrorists, shared danger leads to shared desire. But they soon realize Kurt's passion for Gen weakens his control over his cat. The consequences could be deadly for them both. Adding to the risk is Kurt's memory of the way his mother turned her magic against him. Will Gen, too, betray him?

Genevieve is attracted to Kurt's animal sensuality, but she knows she may be in as much danger from his tiger as the terrorists. 

Then they learn the terrorists plan to sacrifice Kurt to power a horrific spell designed to decimate the U.S. government. Even if the couple manages to stop them, the killers' plot may trigger a witch hunt that could mean the destruction of everyone with magical Talent - including Kurt and Genevieve.

My review:
WOW! Angela Knight gives us a different type of PNR. Ferals are gifted humans with an animal Familiar whose souls are bonded. Arcanists are witches of a sort. Kurt Briggs has a spirit link to a tiger Familiar. Genevieve Reyes is a strong Arcanist with gift for healing. These two with some friends including a goofy bonded tiger named Dave take on a terrorist Arcanist and her shape-shifting polar bear. There is action, adventure, laughter, love and grief in equal measure. This is an incredible story and I look forward to many more adventures in this world. Besides Dave needs a mate.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hallowed Destiny - Forged by Darkness: Chattanooga Supernaturals 3.5 by Candace Blevins

It’s been a year since Destiny was abducted by sick demon worshipers who intended to use her as a human sacrifice. They’d already carved evil-looking symbols all over her body when she somehow managed to escape.
Tonight is Halloween — the one-year anniversary of her abduction — and she’s determined to return to the woods where she nearly lost her life. She doesn’t expect to see a white lion waiting for her. Aren’t black cats supposed to be bad luck on Halloween? Perhaps a white lion will be the opposite of evil. Or, maybe she’s finally lost her mind, because lions are not indigenous to Tennessee and Georgia.

My review:
Destiny has been through hell. She survived being kidnapped and almost offered up as a virgin sacrifice. She has the scars and nightmares to prove it. She is determined to move on. In order to do that she needs to go back. She needs to determine which are memories and which are fantasy. What she doesn’t know is that her memories were altered to keep her from remembering the paranormals who rescued her. When she returns to the scene of the crime she stumbles across a white lion. When the lion turns into Zeke, the guy who got her through the worst of her trauma she is relieved because she isn’t crazy and freaked because people aren’t supposed to turn into lions!
I enjoyed following Destinys journey of self-discovery.  Zeke is a total sweetie. I appreciated the way the author dealt with Destinys parents. You need to respect a persons right to worship differently. Despite being jackholes Destiny is a strong young woman with strength of character. She got that from them.
I really enjoyed this entry in the world of the Chattanooga Supernaturals.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Miss Behaved (Raging Falls 3) by Milly Taiden

Toni Lys is not looking for a relationship. She just climbed out of a dark hole her ex-beau left her in, and she doesn't want to dig into another. But when she sees sexy Garrett in need of saving, her kindness overrules to give the poor guy a hand. He's exactly what she doesn't need, but her heart has other ideas. Garrett has finally found his mate. She's feisty. She's strong, and she's got curves for days. Now she just has to agree to be his. Easier said than done. Along with all Toni's wonderful personality traits comes hardheaded and stubborn. Sweet words won't sway her. Hopefully, keeping her out of danger will. When bad guys get too close to his girl, Garrett won't let anything happen to his mate. She might not agree to being his, yet, but she will agree to being safe. She can argue and fight her feelings, but her heart has a mind of its own.

My review:
Toni is sweet, sassy and stubborn. She loves herself but her recent breakup has done a number on her ability to think anyone would want her especially not the gorgeous man whore she meets at her BFF’s wedding.  Garrett is an unapologetic man whore until he meets curvy Toni. She entrances both him and his inner cat. He has never had to work to get a girl but Toni is giving him a run for his future. I really got a kick out of this story. I love it when the hunk has to work for it and Toni is my kind of gal.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Killer Cupcakes (Lexy Baker #1) by Leighann Dobbs

Things are going great for Lexy Baker. She's finally opened her dream bakery, gotten rid of her cheating boyfriend and settled into her grandmothers house with her perky dog Sprinkles at her side.
But her blissful life doesn't last long. When her ex boyfriend is found poisoned with cupcakes from her bakery, Lexy finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation headed up by her hunky neighbor detective Jack Perillo.
With the help of a gang of iPad toting, would-be detective grandmothers, Lexy decides to take it upon herself to find the real murderer in order to clear her name and get her bakery back in business.
As things heat up on the murder trail, in the kitchen and between Lexy and the hunky detective, it's a race against time to put the real murderer behind bars and get back to baking.
Will Lexy get her man?

My review:
Killer Cupcakes is a sweet fun escape. Lexy Baker is a baker who has moved into her grandmothers house with her little dog Sprinkles. She meets her hunky neighbor detective Jack Perillo when Sprinkles goes into his yard to do her thing in his flowerbed. The next time they meet he is questioning her in the death of her ex. Lexy can’t catch a break.
There isn’t much new or different in this cozy mystery but it makes for a fun read.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sunrise at Butterfly Cove (Butterfly Cove, Book 1) by Sarah Bennett

An uplifting and heartwarming read, perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley, Rachel Lucas and Hilary Boyd.
A year of taking chances…
After a nightmare year, Mia Sutherland is hoping for a fresh start! She’s putting the past behind her and pouring all her savings into renovating a crumbling guesthouse in peaceful Butterfly Cove. Nothing will distract her from achieving her dreams!
That is, until her very first guest, Daniel Fitzwilliam arrives – quite possibly, the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. He’s only here for a week, but already Daniel has turned her world upside-down. And as the tide turns, it’s clear that Butterfly Cove has more than one surprise in store for Mia…
Look out for Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove, the second book in the enchanting Butterfly Cove trilogy.

My review:
Sunrise at Butterfly Cove is a sweet, feel good contemporary romance. A young widow and a disillusioned photographer heal each other in an old house by the sea. There is family drama and angst. These two have to let go of the past to make a future. They do it agonizingly slowly but the story is better for it. I felt like a good portion of this book was spent setting up the next. This book is definitely sigh worthy. I look forward to the next installment.
Thank you to Netgalley and HQ Digital for this copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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