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Tangled Up in Tinsel (Kenni Lowry #6) by Tonya Kappes

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle... 

It’s Christmastime in Cottonwood, Kentucky, and Sheriff Kenni Lowry is determined to keep the peace. Vivian Lowry, Kenni’s Mama, is having a Christmas-size hissy fit because Kenni plans to spend Christmas in Chicago with her Deputy Sheriff-turned-boyfriend Finn Vincent and his family. 

Plus, the snowstorm of the century is headed right toward Cottonwood, leaving the residents in a frantic frenzy and potentially derailing Kenni’s Christmas plans with Finn. 

If that’s not enough to dampen the Christmas spirit, the ghost of Kenni’s grandfather—the ex-sheriff—makes an appearance, and that means only one thing: there’s been a Christmas murder, and there’s a tinsel-wrapped victim at the center of it. 

Relying on her Poppa more than ever, Kenni uses him as the Ghost of Christmas Past to help solve the murder, but will it be in time for her to save Christmas in Cottonwood and hop on her plane to meet Finn’s family? 

My review:
Kenni & Finn are back! Kenni is driving her momma nuts as per usual but this time momma is freaking because Kenni is scheduled to meet Finn’s family over Christmas. But a murder and a threatened blizzard may keep Kenni and Finn from heading to Chicago anyway.  Tangled Up in Tinsel is a terrific addition to the series. I love the interactions between all the characters and the mystery was a doozy.

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Love You So Special (Love You So Stories #3) by Tara Lain

Can a man’s secret yearnings be revealed in a tank full of fish?

Love You So Special
(Love You So Series, bk 3)
by Tara Lain


Artie Haynes knows he’s nothing special, with just-your-regular-brown hair, a solid plumber’s job, not much education, and a family that can barely get off the couch. But Artie has quirks—like his love of tropical fish, a landlord who’s a professor of existentialism, a passion for the amazing piano music he hears at a concert hall while he’s fixing the bathrooms—and the fact that he’s never come out as gay and probably never will. But when he’s hired to build a guesthouse for the pianist whose music enchanted him, Artie is swept up into an unimaginable world.

Francois Desmarais may be famous, rich, and revered as one of the world’s great classical composers and pianists, but he’s soothed and challenged by the inquisitive, stalwart, protective man in his back yard. When Francois’s terrible fear of crowds turns into a dangerous plot, Artie can stay in the closet or prove just how special he is.

My review:
I loved this story from the beautiful man on the cover to the very last page. There are different kinds of smarts. Francois Desmarais piano prodigy was home schooled and introduced to the best life has to offer. Plummer Artie Haynes was brought up in a blue collar home and public schools. But Artie and Francois can each teach the other. I fell for these two young men and totally enjoyed their story. This story is filled with a terrific cast of characters and will leave you with a smile and a warm heart.

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Excerpt 1 – Love You So Special by Tara Lain

Artie peered in the open front door of the Desmarais’s house. No way he’d pass that opportunity up. He stepped inside and followed the sound of voices. Man, what a house. All fancy and traditional and shit, with paintings on the walls of scary-looking people. Funny. He wouldn’t exactly expect that messy, casual, snarky guy to live in a house like this.
He walked quietly down the hall the woman had run down. Voices came from ahead of him.
“The man said you were hurt, Senor Desmarais.”
“I’m okay. I’m fine. Just go back to—whatever. Honest, I’m fine.”
“But he said—”
“Where is this man?” He sounded pissed and upset.
Artie stepped into the doorway. He might get a vase in the face, but—he just needed to be sure Francois was okay. “I’m here. Sorry. I was just worried that you were hurt.”
“Why? Because you scared the bloody hell out of me and made me fall on my butt?”
Artie fought a smile. Francois must be feeling better if he could be a wiseass. “Yeah. Sorry about that.”
The woman looked back and forth between them like she was watching tennis.
Francois crossed his arms. “It’s okay, Maria. I want to talk to Artie here for a minute. Thanks so much for looking out for me.”
“But—” She looked seriously uncertain.
He waved a hand. “It’s okay. Honest.”
“Your mama—”
He turned a full frown on her. “What does my mother have to do with this?”
“Nothing.” She shook her head. “Can I get you anything?”
“No thanks. I’ll get it.” He walked to the door of the room, herding her toward it. When they got there, he smiled, thanked her again, and closed the door; then he turned to Artie with a crease between his eyebrows—barely visible under his pale, shaggy bangs. “So why are you messing in my life? What business is it of yours?”
Good question. Artie gave Francois a look. The gorgeous face was still blotchy from crying, and he vibrated with stress. “Look, crying’s one thing. Everybody needs a good cry sometimes.” Francois looked shocked at that statement, but Artie pushed on. “But when I hear your music going all to shit, I figure something’s really wrong, and I don’t see anybody doing fuck about it, so—” He shrugged and took a breath. “—I did. Sorry I scared you, but I couldn’t think of what else to do.” He let his eyes meet Francois’s.
Francois stared at him like maybe he’d lost his mind—or maybe he’d found it. Somewhere in between. “What do you mean, my music went to shit?”
Artie gave him a duh look. “You were all over the place. All angry and making no sense. It sounded like you were pissed at the piano. I mean, when you write, you stop and start, but it has a flow. You know? This didn’t. It was just like a bunch of notes, like—” Artie stopped because Francois’s lips were parted and he looked like he might pass out. Well, hell. “Look, I don’t mean anything by it. I never heard better music than you play, but what the fuck do I know? I’m just a plumber. So don’t pay any attention to—”
“How do you even know that?”
“What my music sounds like. How I was all over the place?”
Artie pointed toward the window. “I listen.” He held up his hands. “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eavesdrop. But I work right out there. How could I not hear?”
“You listen.” He said the word like he was sleepwalking, and his eyes got all shiny. “People pay huge prices for tickets to my concerts and don’t listen!” Shit, is he going to cry again?
Artie didn’t say anything. Hell, he didn’t know what else to say. But crying men weren’t really an everyday thing for him. He’d never seen his father cry. His brother, a little, but never any guy he worked with, even when they got hurt bad.
I cry. Alone, under a pillow. Sometimes to the fish. I know what that feels like. He’d stick his fingers in the water and let them nibble just to have something touch him that wasn’t cold or hurting. Tentatively, he reached out and put a hand on Francois’s arm. “It’s okay.”
The crease flashed between his brows as he stared at Artie’s hand. “What’s okay?”
“Whatever.” Artie smiled. “All of it. Sometimes being a particular way is just a pile of shit.” Jesus, he didn’t even know why he’d said that.
Francois gasped—and suddenly Artie had an armload of guy. Francois threw his arms around Artie’s neck and just squeezed.

Love You So Series

Bk 1

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Bk 2

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About the Author

Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Erotic Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance,  Best Gay Characters, and more. Readers often call her books “sweet,” even with all that hawt sex, because Tara believes in love and her books deliver on happily-ever-after. In addition to writing dozens and dozens of romance novels,  Tara also owns an advertising and public relations firm. Her love of creating book titles comes from years of manifesting ad headlines for everything from analytical instruments to semiconductors. She does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft. Together with her soulmate husband and her soulmate Dog, she recently realized a vision to live where there were a lot more trees and a lot fewer cars by moving to Ashland, Oregon. She hasn’t stopped smiling since. 

You can find Tara at Lain

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Save A Horse: Paranormal Dating Agency by Jennifer Wedmore

Ryley Stewart grew up knowing shifters were everywhere. Little was known about them though; she made it her life's mission to meet and interview as many as she could. As a freelance journalist, she traveled the country meeting new shifters. When Gerri Wilder contacts her to help her find new shifters to interview. Ryley makes it known she is only interested in interviews, not a mate. 

TC Donovan wasn't looking for his mate. He was content on his ranch, rehabilitating horses. TC saw the worst things people could do to animals; it made him distrustful and grouchy. The last thing he wanted was a journalist staying in his house or interviewing him. 

It only took one look, and TC knew he met his mate, but would Ryley be willing to give up her globe-trotting lifestyle to stay with him on his ranch or would she take Gerri up on her offer to meet other shifters?

My review:
Save A Horse is a sweet and sexy romp. Ryley and Kat are kick a$$ and sound like folks I’d love to hang out with. TC is a sweetheart and totally not the curmudgeon Gerri and Graham described him as. As much as I enjoyed this story it left me with questions. What kind of shifter is Graham? Is Kat his mate? I do hope the author will write a follow up book and let us know.

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Georgia Roots Revealed (The Romy Files Book 1) by Savannah Verte & Shelly Small

She thought she was getting away. She wasn’t. 

In the time it took FBI agent Romy Griffin to doze off, she was pulled into another horrific case. Her empathic abilities made her a better agent, but also an easier target. The latest draws her into a nightmare that has been playing out for nearly as long as she’s been alive…and not by coincidence. 

When it’s over, maybe she’ll get to rest, but before that, she’ll have to uncover the crimes of her uncle, learn the role her mother played in the mess, and come face to face with her father…just as her Georgia roots are revealed. 

Who needs enemies when you have family? 

My review:
I LOVED THIS BOOK! I wasn’t sure because I was afraid it was going to be heavy on the creep factor but it wasn’t. I really liked FBI agent Romy Griffin. She has had a rough life and is burdened with gifts she uses to help others. She knows this makes people uncomfortable but it is what it is. In this installment she helps not only others but finds out answers she had been looking for all her life. This is a terrific first in the series and I really want to see where the authors take Romy next.

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Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas (Rocky Mountain Cowboys #1) by Katie Ruggle

Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas (Rocky Mountain Cowboys #1) by Katie Ruggle

In the heart of the Rockies
In the arms of a cowboy
One white Christmas can change everything.

When firefighter and single dad Steve Springfield moved his four kids to a Colorado Christmas tree ranch, he intended for it to be a safe haven. But he never expected danger to follow them to his childhood home...

Or that he would come face-to-face with the one girl he could never forget.

Folk artist Camille Brandt lives a quiet life. As the town's resident eccentric, she's used to being lonely--until Steve freaking Springfield changes everything. Brave and kind, he's always had a piece of her heart, and it doesn't take long before she's in danger of falling for him and his rambunctious kids. But as mysterious fires break out across the sleepy Colorado town, Steve and Camille will have to fight if they want their happy family to survive until Christmas...

My review:
Katie Ruggle has started a new series with a romantic suspense that will keep you wondering, a hero that is so fricken sweet and a heroine that really needs a keeper. Add in four kids you just want to hug and you have this terrific Christmas time tale. I will tell you I was totally surprised to find out who the bad guy was. I look forward to more Rocky Mountain Cowboys.

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Twisted Fate (Twisted Tail #5) by Melanie James

Ruby Jean St. James lives her life by the carefully crafted rules she created for herself. Do your job, keep your head down, and your emotions in check at all times. She works hard keeping her act together and avoiding certain people. Bad things tend to happen to those around her when she loses control. 

Liam Olsen was blessed by the Gods in more ways than one. An ancient majik slumbers deep within him, waiting for the chance to wreak havoc on the one who dares to awaken the beast. More powerful than an ordinary shifter, Liam finds that the dark side of him knows no bounds. 

Fates collide when they are tricked into a meeting by the infamous Gerri Wilder, owner of The Paranormal Dating Agency. Can they overcome their differences, or are they destined to destroy one another. 

My review:
Ruby Jean is afraid to let anyone close as she fears she will hurt them. Liam’s wolf is driving him crazy looking for their mate. Enter Gerri Wilder, owner of The Paranormal Dating Agency and let the games begin.
Twisted Fate is sweet and sexy fun. It was sweet seeing a very alpha male having to work for it.

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Tempt Him (ManTrap Book 1) by Olivia Jaymes

I’m Mia and I’ve been in love with Joshua Henry for as long as I can remember. Since the day he picked me up off the sidewalk after I fell off of my bike, I haven’t been able to see anyone but him. 

Unfortunately, Josh sees me as the sweet girl from next door, not a romantic partner. I’m stuck in the friend zone and there isn’t an exit in sight. 

But now everything has changed. After a near death experience, I’m a different woman. The kind of female that doesn’t sit back and wait. I’m going after what I want, and what I want is Josh Henry. 

My sister Shelby – the psychological genius – has written a how-to manual to help me. It’s the perfect blueprint to make the perfect man fall in love with me. 

I’m setting a man trap… and I’m doing it by the book. Care to join me? 

My review:
Tempt Him is a sweet and funny friends to lovers story. I really liked Mia and I liked that Josh was totally oblivious. It makes me wonder how many relationships don’t happen because someone is afraid of getting hurt. This is a feel good, leave you with a smile kind of story.

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BBQ, Bikers, and Murder (Hawg Heaven Cozy Culinary Mystery #1) by Summer Prescott

BBQ, Bikers, and Murder (Hawg Heaven Cozy Culinary Mystery #1) by Summer Prescott

A small Midwestern town.
The best BBQ in the state.
A single mom, determined to do what it takes.
A murder that rocks her world.

Rossalyn Channing is tough, but the odds are stacked against her. Faced with the reality of starting a new life with her teenage son, after her heroic husband is killed in the line of duty, she knows that she has to do whatever it takes to survive.

Irresistibly drawn to a mysterious little building in a small town, the determined single mom uses every dime she's got to buy it, with plans to turn it into a diner that her late husband would have loved. When Rossalyn finds herself caught up in the middle of a murder investigation, however, she begins to wonder if the challenges she faces will defeat her.

A body is found on her property, the sheriff in town suspects Rossie of the murder, and it looks like her world is falling apart. It's up to this determined mom to prove her innocence and save her small family. Can she do it?

My review:
BBQ, Bikers, and Murder is the first in what looks to be a terrific cozy mystery series. Marine widow Rossalyn Channing takes her teenaged son and starts over after the death of her husband. She starts up a BBQ joint in a small town off the highway. This place is filled with quirky characters some nice and others not so much.
I liked this book so much I went and purchased the next 6 books in the series.

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Kept (Club Phantasm) (Volume 2) by Dagmar Avery & K. Margaret

Life is changing for Kinley Anderson. With the ending of her relationship, she’s looking toward the future with fresh, hopeful eyes. She wants to be wowed, overwhelmed, and undone, all things she never had with her previous lover. And she is about to get her wish. For Sterling Athan it is the summer of love, and he’s ready for it. With Kinley on the market, and looking for some new experiences, he finds himself in the very actionable position of making all her dreams come true, even if it is only temporary. Wanting her for years, and finally getting the chance to have that very sweet essence is a dream come true for him. And then the unexpected happens. Suddenly her sexy needs are secondary to his need to have and hold her for all time, and it’s going to take more than his will to ensure his sister doesn’t thwart his plans. Because Sitri is in Philly, and she is determined to make sure that Kinley and Sterling do not bond before she has a chance to take Sterling out of the race permanently.

My review:
m/f, f/f/m
The incubus and the accountant. Sterling Athan is an incubus who has had his eye on Kinley Anderson the accountant for Club Phantasm since she started working there but she is human and a good girl and taken. When Kinley breaks up and breaks out Sterling is ready to catch her. They may look like total opposites but they are perfect for each other. I really enjoyed this sexy and exciting tale. I want a Marley of my own.

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Twilight Desires (Morgan Creek #3) by Amanda Ashley

Sofia Ravenwood was once fascinated by vampires—their seductive power, their inhuman strength, their dark desires. Then one of them attacked her family, and she threw out her goth attire and vowed to keep clear of her enemies. Until she heard about Ethan Parrish: a sweet, sizzling-hot former college football player, turned into a vampire against his will.

Wandering the deserted streets of Morgan Creek, Wyoming, Ethan’s sure he'll be alone forever—a monster like him deserves nothing else. Then beautiful, complicated Sofia agrees to meet him, fangs and all. The need she ignites in him is more than just the pulse of her blood or the scent of her skin. But he's not the only bloodsucker desperate to make her his own . . .

My review:
I loved this book! Sofia asked all the questions I had about being with a vampire. She may be young but she is comfortable in her own skin and knows what she wants. Ethan was a little to angsty at first but meeting Sofia cured him of that for the most part. This was a sweet and fun addition to the series. If you haven’t read the others you shouldn’t have any problems reading this stand alone.

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Pecan Pies and Dead Guys (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #7) by Angie Fox

Sometimes Verity Long would like to forget that she lives with the ghost of a 1920s gangster. But the reluctant housemates must once again work together when a dead detective blackmails Frankie into helping him solve a Great Gatsby-era cold case. Before she can say “bathtub gin,” Verity is dragged straight into a raging, otherworldly house party. Worse, every guest is hiding something. 

Meanwhile, Ellis Wydell, Verity’s living, breathing boyfriend needs Verity’s help with a police case of his own. After a dead body is discovered near the pecan orchard, Verity gives her insights, thinking her job is done. But when mysterious pecan pies start arriving at her house, she wonders who might be thanking her…or stalking her. 

Between hard-living ghosts and sugar-laden desserts, Verity has her work cut out for her. But will she uncover the secrets behind the pecan pies and dead guys? Or has she stumbled upon a recipe for disaster? 

A warm and witty paranormal cozy mystery!

My review:
Ghost hunter Verity Long and her partner the gangster ghost Frankie have to solve a mystery that took place back in the swing age or Frankie may be sent to ghost prison. Join our intrepid duo while they try to solve the case that Inspector De Clercq has spent 90 some odd years trying to do. Meanwhile Sheriff Ellis Wydell is trying to solve a more modern murder. And what is up with Verity’s pet skunk Lucy?
Pecan Pies and Dead Guys is a sweet and funny addition to this series. I highly recommend.

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Restless Ink (Montgomery Ink: Colorado Springs #2) by Carrie Ann Ryan

The Montgomery Ink series continues with the so-called sensible sister and the one man she never should have fallen for.

For Thea Montgomery, baking isn’t only therapeutic, it’s also her dream job. She’s worked countless hours keeping her bakery afloat, and now that it’s where she wants it to be, she’s ready to expand and take the next step. When it comes to work and her family, she’s on top of her game. Her personal life, however, is a different story.

When Dimitri Carr isn’t teaching and hiding his ink under long sleeves to keep the bosses happy, he’s trying to be the best brother and friend he can be. After his divorce, he’d thought he would lose Thea from his life forever because she’s his ex-wife’s best friend. But now that he’s free, and the two of them realize they want to keep their friendship. Then he finally sees what he’s been missing all this time.

But there are more problems than the fact that Dimitri is Thea’s best friend’s ex. And when accidental touches and flirtations aren’t enough for either of them, and they’re finally ready to take the next step, they’ll find out exactly what that cost is for crossing that line. And will need to find the strength to face it.

My review:
Restless Ink is sweet, sexy and sometimes sad but ultimately a true pleasure to read. What happens when a married couple breaks up and you are friends with both partners? What happens if after a time you start looking at your friends ex as your possible future?  This book deals with just such a dilemma. The fact that Thea and Dimitri are perfect for each other only complicates things. I don’t think I’ve ever said “oh my” to myself while reading a book in so many different ways as I did while reading Thea and Dimitri’s story. Well done Carrie Ann Ryan.

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Treoir Dragon Hoard: Belador Book 10 by Dianna Love


New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love's Beladors are back with Evalle, Storm, the dragon king and allies, all ready to face a conflict no one saw coming. 

Two thousand years ago, someone stole the king’s treasure from Daegan’s father. An unexpected enemy uses this hoard to set Daegan on a path to his ultimate demise by dangling the one bait everyone knows the dragon king can’t ignore—protecting one of his own. 

While racing to help a friend, Evalle lands in a trap where she’s given the unimaginable choice to either destroy her dragon king or condemn everyone she loves to die. Even her Skinwalker mate, Storm, has no way to track her this time. 

Friendships and allies are tested as Atlanta erupts with preternatural exposure. Who will join Storm and Daegan to go where even a dragon has no chance of survival? With the enemy willing to gamble everything to take down Daegan, Evalle accepts her destiny, but on her terms. She never wants anyone to see what she’s become, especially Storm. 

Destiny is not a choice, but a summons. The hourglass favors no one. 

My review:
Treoir Dragon Hoard is the latest pulse pounding installment in Dianna Love’s Belador series. Evalle’s life started out as hell and she has had to fight for every bit of happiness she has had. It was all training for the hell she goes through in this book because now she has things to lose and to live for. I am always amazed at these stories that give so much but leave me wanting more.

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Iron Lust (Iron Lust #1) by Keely Jakes

Treat Daniels is the newest trainer in The Gym while James Christian has been working there since they opened the doors. The attraction between them is immediate and intense. When James is injured and calls for help, Treat can’t help but respond, which starts a hot and heavy affair. 

Love is in the air as they work with their clients, and each other. The only problem is, James won’t discuss their relationship at The Gym, leaving Treat to wonder if he’ll ever be able to tell the world they’re together. 

Then James takes on a new client who tries her damnedest to come between them. Will she cause a rift they can’t overcome? Will Treat get James to talk about their relationship at work? Or will Treat have to learn to live in the closet with his man? 

My review:
Light, sweet and fluffy. Iron Lust tells the tale of two competitive body builders falling in love.

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