Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wolf of Her Own (Salvation Pack #9) by N.J. Walters

Mikhail Matheson came to Salvation for his sister, but he stayed for Elise LaForge. She’s the alpha’s mother and the most fascinating woman he’s ever laid his eyes on. He’s wanted her from the first moment he saw her. He may feel like an outsider in the pack, but there’s no way he can leave when he’s sure Elise is his mate.

Elise’s made a home in North Carolina with her adult sons and their pack. It’s taken her a long time to get over the years she spent with her abusive mate, and while she’s content now, she can’t help but feel there’s something missing in her life. Mikhail stirs emotions in her she never expected to feel, and the attraction between them is off the charts. But Elise’s not sure how her sons and the pack will react, not to mention the danger the pack is facing.

My review:
I loved this story. I loved that the characters were older proving that love isn’t just for the young but for the young at heart. Wolf of Her Own is a sweet yet sometimes heartbreaking story of a woman who had been abused physically and emotionally by her former husband. It’s been 10 years but she hasn’t really dealt with it. Now there is a man who wants her and if she is going to give him a shot at her future she will have to deal with her past. Break out the tissues and a glass of wine kick back and enjoy.
Though this is part of a series it can be read standalone.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wild Hunger (The Phoenix Pack #7) by Suzanne Wright

When half–wolf shifter Frankie Newman receives an e-mail from a family member she didn’t know existed, a secret is revealed: as a child, Frankie witnessed her father killing her mother…and then himself. Frankie was torn from her pack by her mother’s human relatives, and the trauma was erased from her memory. Realizing that she’s been lied to her entire life, she’s never felt more alone. Until she catches the scent of an old friend—warmly familiar and intoxicating.

Trick Hardy, enforcer of the Phoenix Pack, can sense the rush of mutual attraction when he sees Frankie again. He knows immediately that she’s his true mate. But he also knows that, given her fragile state, he needs to tread with care—no matter how fierce his surging desires.

As aroused as Frankie is by Trick’s darkly dominant air and simmering desire, her priority right now is her past—not her future, no matter how tempting. But as more secrets emerge and Frankie’s life is threatened, Trick must do everything he can to keep her close and safe. After all, it’s their destiny.

My review:
Wild Hunger is a paranormal romantic suspense that I really enjoyed. I’ve not read the others in this series (yet) but it didn’t affect my enjoyment in the least. Half–wolf shifter Frankie was raised by her maternal grandparents after being orphaned when she was three. They don’t know how to deal with her wolf side or her artistic side or pretty much anything she does. When she is contacted by an Aunt she never knew existed Frankie sets on a journey that will teach her of her past and create her future.
I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good romantic mystery.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Lock 'N' Load (Federal K-9 #1) by Tee O'Fallon

Crack CIA analyst Trista Gold is a whiz with the computer, but not so much with people. She hides behind her job, analyzing Top Secret code and making recommendations on national security. She doesn’t need a man in her life. But she will, very soon...

CIA K-9 officer Sgt. Matt Connors suspects that beneath Trista’s uptight appearance, there’s a sexy woman itching to cut loose. But he doesn’t dare act on his attraction. He’s a loner and always will be. Keeping away from Trista is a must-do directive. Until he doesn’t have a choice...

During a routine assignment, Trista stumbles across a cryptic exchange. She doesn’t think much of it...until someone tries to murder her—twice. Both times, Matt had been there to save her. But now she has to hide. And her new bodyguard, Matt, and his K-9 are the only hope she has against the powerful forces that want her dead.

My review:
Hot guys, dogs and danger this story has it all. I loved smart and sweet Trista. Sometimes being brainy can be isolating but she doesn’t let it get her down. She is great at her job and she loves it. Her job is what lands her in trouble and what tosses her into the sphere of hot cop Matt Connors. Matt has issues and I was about to give up on him when he finally started to get his stuff together. Fans of Piper J. Drake will enjoy this book. The series has possibilities and I look forward to getting to know these guys and their K-9 partners.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Bitten Under Fire (Bravo Team WOLF #2) by Heather Long

Bianca Devlin’s work is her life. Now, she’s finally taking a vacation…and guerillas hit her resort to kidnap a diplomat’s son. She does the only thing that makes sense—intervene to save the child’s life. Being dragged into the jungle with a scared kid she’s determined to protect was definitely not how she saw this trip ending. 

After she returns to Texas, the last person Bianca expected to see was Sergeant Carlos “Cage” Castillo, the member of Bravo Team WOLF that helped rescue her. Nevertheless, there he is, living across the street from the house she just bought. The coincidence is alarming, but she has to admit, his presence isn’t entirely unwanted. 

But there’s something off about Cage—the way he can move without a sound or the weird way his eyes seem to almost glow at times. And how can Bianca manage her growing attraction, when everything she knows about him and his reason for being there, turns out to be a lie?

My review:
Emergency aid worker Bianca Devlin is used to being the rescuer. When she sees a little boy being kidnapped while she is on a forced vacation she rushes to his aid unfortunately getting kidnapped along with the boy. She does her best to keep the boy from more trauma. This all means that she and the boy need rescuing. Call in the Marines - Bravo Team WOLF to the rescue. Rescuing the boy and Bianca is supposed to be an easy in easy out op. Sergeant Carlos “Cage” Castillo is leading his first mission and everything is going to plan until he accidently bites Bianca while tearing the guy who is about to kill her away. Now he has to wait and see if she will change.

I LOVE Bianca! She is smart, strong and totally human in the best way. I love that Cage is so secure in himself as a Marine but just as messed up as the rest of us in relation to his father (his alpha) and oblivious in relation to women.

Bitten Under Fire is a heartwarming tale that kept me smiling and rooting for love.

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Queen (A Dark(ish) Faerie Tale #4) by Candace Blevins

Life can take some complicated paths to get you where you need to be.

Prince Rowan can’t live in Mab’s castle forever. If he has any chance of holding onto his title and one day being King, he’ll need a wife and heirs, and he’ll have to live in his own castle, in his own demesne.

Mab is finally confident of her place in Tabby’s heart, so she isn’t jealous of the pain and sorrow her little one feels at the loss of Rowan. 

It’s up to Mab and Rowan to find a way to hold their threesome together despite the political minefields in their way. Can they do it by making it a foursome?

Princess Tabitha has been slave, Lady, and Consort. She never wanted more, but sometimes destiny makes your choices for you.

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to Tabby’s story!

Queen is book four in the Dark(ish) Faerie Tale quadrilogy, and should be read in the correct order.

My review:
As with any series I’ve got a love/hate thing about endings. I was thrilled to see Tabby come into her own and own her relationship with Mab. But I enjoyed the struggle knowing she just had to succeed. I know that there will be issues for her in the future but I was thrilled to see her come this far. Just because this has a feel good ending doesn’t mean this was an easy book but you should expect that by now. This was a terrific ending to a wonderful series.

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Consort (A Dark(ish) Faerie Tale #3) by Candace Blevins

We don’t get to choose our lives, we only get to live them as they’re handed to us.

Mab wanted Tabby to get comfortable with life at the castle before being stressed with the responsibilities of Consort, but Prince Rowan’s timetable means some decisions must be made sooner rather than later.

Mab’s a rip-the-bandage-off kind of Queen, which means Tabby and Rowan aren’t in for an easy time.

Most people are terrified when they find themselves at the mercy of The Dark Queen.

Consort is book three in the Dark(ish) Faerie Tale quadrilogy, and should be read in the correct order.

My review:
This installment is not for the faint of heart. This part of the story will take you on a rollercoaster ride of agony and ecstasy. Mab wants Tabby and Rowan to resolve their feelings for each other. We see Mab at her most vulnerable. We get to see Rowan grow into the man he should have been and we get to see Tabby learn to balance her past and her future. I can’t wait to see what the finale brings.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Lady (A Dark (A Dark(ish) Faerie Tale #2) by Candace Blevins


Even the Dark Queen can't change destiny.

Tabitha has so much to learn about living with a family, and she makes her grandfather and cousins terribly uncomfortable when she doesn't fit in. She was punished for looking free people in the eyes all her life, so it's understandable she has trouble learning to maintain eye contact. And making decisions is impossible -- from what she wants for breakfast, to when she's tired enough for bed, and everything in between.

Her grandfather's horses don't judge, and working with them finally helps her begin to find a path towards figuring out this new life, where clothes must be worn all day, every day.

Just when she's resigned herself to this life and is certain she'll never enjoy sex again, an invitation arrives to attend one of the Winter Queen's balls -- along with a fancy gown that raises more questions than answers.

Lady is book two in the Dark(ish) Faerie Tale quadrilogy, and should be read in the correct order.

My review:

In this installment we get to see Tabby grow out of being a slave and more into her own being. We get to know the Queen a bit better as well and watch as their relationship grows. This is an emotionally intense story and well worth the read. I look forward to seeing where they go from here.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Slave (A Dark (A Dark(ish) Faerie Tale #1) by Candace Blevins

Because you're never too old for Faerie Tales... 

Halflings born in the human realm can stay if they can pass for human, but a baby with bright red and yellow hair, pointed ears, glowing green eyes, and swirled purple and green nails had to be relocated. With no family in Faerie to claim her, the newborn was auctioned off as a slave.

In Faerie, slaves are property with no rights. The baby is now an adult, and has been given in tribute to The Winter Queen.

Queen Mab has worked hard to make everyone in Faerie fear her, but her new pleasure slave enjoys the kiss of her whip. Can the Dark Queen have a tender side? The Dragon King once loved her, after all, so there has to be more to her than the evil, ruthless queen we've seen so far.

Climb aboard and experience the best and worst the Winter Queen can dish out.

Slave is book one in the Dark(ish) Faerie Tale quadrilogy. The series takes place within the greater Kirstin O'Shea universe, but can be read without being familiar with the other books and series.

My review:
Slave is the first of the four tales it is going to take to span the life of a pixie/human child who has been raised to be a pleasure slave because she had no family to claim her. She ends up in the court of The Winter Queen where this story takes place. The author puts us into the head of the Slave so we can understand what she is feeling. Seeing her world through her eyes gives you a different perspective. This story took me to a very different world and I am looking forward to seeing where she goes from here.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Necessary Deception (Search and Recover #2) by Lucy Farago

The agents of the renowned Investigative Collection Unit have to be the biggest, baddest, and brightest to take on missions no one else would dare. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also the sexiest. But in a shadowy world where reality means living on the razor’s edge of deception, few survive with their hearts intact . . . 

ICU intel expert Monty Buchannan’s idea of fun is creating software—not roughing it in a cabin off the grid in Alaska. But his team forced him to unplug when his intense need to be in control put a mission at risk. Being alone isn’t a problem; most people make him uncomfortable. But there’s something about the woman he finds floundering in a frozen stream that warms his ice-cold heart . . .

Taylor Moore was once a spoiled socialite famous for her tabloid-worthy exploits, until she broke out from under wealthy father’s thumb. Now she’s the self-made CEO of an online matchmaking service—and on the run from Russian mobsters who’ve hijacked her website. But when she’s suddenly plucked from a river by a half-naked mountain man, trust will become a matter of survival. And desire just might break down the defenses that have kept them both playing it far too safe for far too long . . .

My review:
A Necessary Deception is a terrific escape. I love a brainy hero and Monty is smart everywhere except when it comes to love. Taylor may not be a genius but she believes in happily ever after. Put these two together in the wilderness of Alaska with the Russian mob chasing after Taylor and sparks fly. It was fun watching Monty deal with first the perceived abandonment by his coworkers and then his unexpected feelings for Taylor. Taylor has worked so hard to clean up her act only to find out the Russians have hijacked her company website and when she discovers their incursion put her on the run.
This story sucked me in and kept me riveted from the first page to the last. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen the author surprised me with an unexpected twist. Though this is part of a series it can be read standalone.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Cockiest Alphas Anthology by Shayla Black, Sierra Cartwright, Katana Collins, Tricia Daniels, Kym Grosso, Desiree Holt, Jenna Jacob, Kat T. Masen & Sasha White

The Cockiest Alphas Anthology

They're the naughtiest of the naughty, the boldest of the bold, the sexiest of the sexy. They've got what all the other women want, and they know it. What's that make them? Just one word will do.
They've got it. You need it. Now you can have all the cocky you can ever handle, in one crazy, cocky volume from some of your favorite romance stars, getting their cocky on with their cockiest alphas.
Best of all: it's a lot of cocky for a great cause, so everyone's got the win!
Come on. You know you want to. Get cocky.
Multiple authors, along with Once Upon An Alpha, have joined for a collection featuring some of the cockiest alpha heroes you'll ever read. Best of all, the proceeds will benefit Testicular Cancer Society.
Participating Authors:
Shayla Black - More Than Want You
Sierra Cartwright - The Cockiest Billionaire
Katana Collins - Challenge Accepted
Tricia Daniels - Unbound
Kym Grosso - Solstice Burn
Desiree Holt - Fired Up
Jenna Jacob - Sin City Submission
Kat T Masen - Mr. Rebound
Sasha White - One Weekend

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Kobo -  Coming Soon

About Authors:
Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than sixty novels. For over fifteen years, she’s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers. Her books have sold millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages.
Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers. In college, she found her love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the stories spinning in her imagination. Though she graduated with a degree in Marketing/Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the bills, her heart has always been with her characters. She’s thrilled that she’s been living her dream as a full-time author for the past seven years.
Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her teenage daughter, and two very spoiled cats. In her “free” time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to an eclectic blend of music.

Sierra Cartwright was born in England, and her early childhood was spent traipsing through castles and dreaming of happily-ever afters. She was raised in the Wild West and now lives in Galveston, Texas. She loves the beach and the artistic vibe of the island.

The international #1 best-selling author began writing books in elementary school, where her wonderful librarian "published" her first book, which was edited by her mum! Thankfully Mum was gentle when she told Sierra that baby was not spelled "babby."

Sierra has one incredible daughter -- her "PA Extraordinaire" and right-hand lady.

When Katana Collins was younger and stole her mother’s Harlequins to read beneath the covers with a flashlight, she wanted to read about the tough as nails heroine. The perfectly imperfect girl with quirks and attitude and sass. And the anti-heroes who were anything but “Prince Charming.” Forget the knight on a white horse… she wanted the bad boy on a motorcycle.

So, now, she writes those romance novels she craved to see on the shelves all those years ago—the sassy heroines. The badass heroes. Since penning her first romance novel back in 2012, she is now an international author with 15 published books and counting.

She lives in Portland, Maine, with an ever-growing brood of rescue animals: a kind of mean cat, a really doofy lab, a very mellow chihuahua, and a very not mellow cairn terrier puppy... oh yeah, there's a husband somewhere in that mix, too. She can usually be found hunched over her laptop in a cafe, guzzling gallons of coffee, and wearing fabulous (albeit sometimes impractical) shoes.

Tricia Daniels lives in a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada, where she raised three kids as a single parent. Creativity and imagination are never in short supply in her home. Between her quick wit and wicked sense of humor, she found she has a passion for writing steamy romance novels.
          Her goal is simple: tell her story, warm a few hearts, shed a few tears, share a silent chuckle, and occasionally make people blush. That's the official version. But the simple truth is … she’s just a normal woman struggling to pay the bills while raising her children in a home where they feel empowered, supported, and loved.

Kym Grosso is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the erotic paranormal series, The Immortals of New Orleans, and the contemporary erotic suspense series, Club Altura. In addition to romance novels, Kym has written and published several articles about autism, and is passionate about autism advocacy. She is also a contributing essay author in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum.
She lives in suburban Pennsylvania but has a not-so-secret desire to move to a beach in southern California where she can write while listening to the roar of the ocean.  She holds a bachelor’s degree from West Chester University and a MBA from Widener University.  In a previous life, she was employed as a speech therapist, a health care consultant, and a product manager for a software company.  In 2012, Kym published her first novel and today, is a full time indie romance author.

Known to the world as the oldest author of erotic romance, Desiree Holt proves every day that she is more than the sum of her years. She is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, an Authors After Dark Author of the Year and winner of the Holt Medallion. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The London Daily Mail and numerous other national and international publications. She enjoys football and reading and her three cats, who are her constant writing companions.

USA Today Bestselling author Jenna Jacob paints a canvas of passion, romance, and humor as her Alpha men and the feisty women who love them unravel their souls and heal their scars to find their happily-ever-after kind of love. Heart-tugging, captivating, and steamy, Jenna’s books will surely leave you breathless and craving more.
A mom of four grown children, Jenna and her Alpha-Hunk husband live in Kansas. Jenna loves books, Harleys, music, and camping. Jenna’s zany sense of humor and lack of filter exemplify her motto: Live. Laugh. Love.
Meet the wild and wicked family in her sultry series: The Doms of Genesis. Or become spellbound by the searing love connection between Raine, Hammer, and Liam in her continuing saga: The Doms of Her Life (co-written with the amazing Shayla Black and Isabella La Pearl). Journey with couples struggling to resolve their pasts to discover unbridled love and devotion in Jenna’s new contemporary series: Passionate Hearts.

Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, Kat T. Masen is a mother to four crazy boys and wife to one sane husband. Growing up in a generation where social media and fancy gadgets didn’t exist, she enjoyed reading from an early age and found herself immersed in these stories. After meeting friends on Twitter who loved to read as much as she did, her passion to write began and the friendships continued on despite the distance.

Bestselling author Sasha White writes modern erotic fiction with an edge of kink with the occasional foray into paranormal and science-fiction. White has published over thirty stories with publishers such as Kensington Aphrodisia, Berkley Heat, Avon, Black Lace, and Samhain Publishing, and is recognized as one the top authors of the genre.
Pick up one of her stories and enjoy something White Hot today.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Art Medium: The Complete Collection (Art Medium #1-2) by E.J. Russell

Artists use all manner of materials to express their vision, to interpret the world around them, to affect the hearts and minds of their audience.

But what if the artist himself were the medium? And what if artistic inspiration weren’t the only force at work?

If painter Stefan Cobbe and art investigator Luke Morganstern don’t answer those questions fast, they stand to lose their reputations, their relationship—and their lives.

This print collection includes The Artist's Touch and Tested in Fire, available separately in ebook format.

My review:
m/m with little to no sex
Two stories in one volume. Stefan Cobbe is a painter and Luke Morganstern is an art investigator.
The first story has Luke  investigating  his ex, Stefan, for forgery. But is it forgery if the original artist is inhabiting his body when the painting was created? A sweet second chance at love and an inspired paranormal mystery.
The second story has the guys trying to make a fresh start and this time Luke is the one who is caught up in a paranormal mess. It is going to take Stefans love to save him. I really got a kick out of this one. It isn’t often we get a look at ourselves the way Luke did. 
I really enjoyed these two stories.

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