Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Alpha's Mate (Fabian Garoux #3) by Eve Langlais

Villains aren’t supposed to rescue damsels, and pack alphas are known to have complete control of their wolf. But when Fabian saves a certain lady from drowning, everything he knows gets tossed away and only one thing becomes clear: she’s his mate―and someone wants to kill her. Hell no. Protecting her, though, is only part of his problem. He also has to convince her she belongs to him. In her words, “Hell no.”

When she flees, little does she realize this wolf loves to chase. And when he catches the woman he wants? She’ll become the Alpha’s Mate.

My review:
The Alpha's Mate is a fun romp in an ugly world. Someone is trying to kill a woman in Fabian’s territory. This cannot be tolerated if anyone does any killing it is going to be Fabian. When he finally rescues the woman she has amnesia and he has found his mate. Neither is a happy camper.
It takes a strong woman to deal with Fabian and even with amnesia his future mate keeps Fabian on his toes. I love these two together. They would crush anyone else. I will say that Fred the manservant really made the book for me.
NOTE: The Alpha's Mate was previously released in The Hunger Anthology

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mating A Grizzly: League Of Gallize Shifters by Dianna Love

MATING A GRIZZLY is book two in the unusual League Of Gallize Shifters series (all stand alone paranormal romances). 

Justin is an elite black ops warrior on a unique shifter team. He’s as deadly as they come and determined to succeed on every mission. He turns into a monster grizzly and rushes into danger without hesitation to do his duty … but he's having second thoughts on his current assignment. If there’s one thing he can’t tolerate it is arrogant people like the jerks he grew up around who acted superior to him. Justin can’t believe he’s stuck playing bodyguard for a Russian shifter princess. He’d rather face down a pack of armed terrorists alone than spend time with a cold-hearted prima donna. Except, Elianna turns out to be unlike anything he expected. She’s hot, but he’d like to see her smile. He’s on a mission to get that smile—and more. First he has to stop the assassin trying to kill him and kidnap her. 

Having lived her life as an outcast among her own kind, Elianna hates being called princess. She’s the ugly mistake of a Russian grizzly shifter who got her polar bear mother pregnant while on a sabbatical from his mate. With the exception of the little boy she saved after his clan abandoned him, men are the bane of Elianna’s life. When she makes a miscalculation under duress, her biological father coerces Elianna into accepting a deal with high stakes if she fails. 

Justin is unlike any other man, human or shifter, she’s ever been around. He makes her want things she can’t have—like mating—because the deal she struck prevents a relationship with him or she’ll never see the little boy again who is everything to her. Her plan was simple and doable, but meeting Justin complicated everything. 

My review:
MATING A GRIZZLY is a smart shifter romance that had me thinking about it long after the last page.
Grizzly Gallize Shifter Justin is as big and bad as they come but he grew up ostracized in his bear clan because he couldn’t shift as a child. Ursine hybrid Elianna may be a bastard Russian princess but she too grew up as an outcast. We get to see how it affected each of these shifters and their relationships with their bear and others as Justin has five days to get her from San Francisco to Louisiana. Those five days are both the longest and the shortest of their lives.
This is a fast paced, high energy story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I couldn’t put it down. These two bears are so different and so alike and so right for each other.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

A Grave Search (Bodies of Evidence #2) by Wendy Roberts


Julie Hall is finally adjusting to her new career: locating dead bodies with dowsing rods.

The crime scene is drenched with blood, but the body is nowhere to be found.

When a grieving mother requests Julie’s help tracking the body of her missing daughter, Julie is hesitant. Not only do the circumstances sound disturbing, the job is in her hometown, a place steeped in upsetting memories and unresolved trauma. But her interest is piqued, and she takes the case, knowing she’ll have the support of her FBI agent boyfriend along the way.

Soon, Julie finds herself exactly where she doesn’t want to be—trapped in the dangerous spotlight created to keep the story in the media. And as she digs deeper into the mystery of the young woman’s death, she uncovers secrets about her own past she thought were buried forever.

My review:
A Grave Search is just as fantastic as the first book A Grave Calling (Which I recommend you read because not only is it terrific it will give you a sense of where Julie has come from so you can see the road she has had to travel to get where she is now).
Murder, mystery, intrigue and a bit of the unusual A Grave Search catches Julie starting over. She is sober. She is in love with Garrett. She is making new friends and she has her own business. But she is still fragile and working her way through past issues and discovering who this new Julie is.
Julie is emotionally bullied into taking a case to search the body of a missing girl who was kidnapped and killed. She ends up finding more than anyone expected.
I absolutely love this series and want more, more, more. I want to follow Julie on her path and see if she and Garrett can make a go of it. I want to see her take her business on the road. I want to see her succeed.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Guarding Gertrude by Heather Long


Force Protection on the Move

Jesse “Flint” McCoy spent the year since he left the SEAL teams building a security business with his former teammate and best friend Cannon. They’re a private operation, and they don’t advertise. Though they prefer overseas missions, they take the occasional domestic assignment—such as when an old friend calls because he’s worried his sister might be in over her head…what’s a good buddy to do? 

If it bleeds, it leads.

Digging into a piece on stolen valor, the last thing news producer Gertrude Wagner expected was to become the story. What began with a suspicious social media profile and a stray bullet sends her running for cover and right into the arms of her brother’s best friend—the sailor who broke her heart. 

Guarding Gertrude is more than a favor for Flint, it’s his duty and honor.

My review:
I enjoyed Guarding Gertrude from cover to cover. Lets start with the cover, the hero on the cover isn’t conventionally handsome but he has brooding down pat.  At first I didn’t think he was right for Jesse “Flint” McCoy but the further I read the closer he came till at the end I thought it was spot on.
Guarding Gertrude is a retired Navy SEAL riding in to save his first/only love intrepid girl reporter from danger giving them a second chance at love. Been done right? Yet I still got a kick out of watching these two get together. It helps that they have a terrific cast of secondary characters to help them along.
If you want a fast paced, action filled, romantic adventure you will love Guarding Gertrude.

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Taming Tabitha (Bond of Three Book 1) by Virginia Nelson

As a Seer, Tabitha has always known the day would come when she’d have to face her destiny and succumb to her future mate, as only then would her powers fall fully under her command. Tradition dictates that Tabitha run, forcing her intended to prove his worth—and his desire. But it is the discovery that Tabitha is destined for two mates, creating a bond of three—unheard of among her people—that sends her running faster than she’d ever expected.

Gage and Lancaster have been chasing Tabitha for over a decade. Though sharing goes against their basest instincts, the primal urge to find and seduce Tabitha overrides any desire to fight between themselves. As Gage and Lancaster close in, Tabitha must face the truth—though her people may scorn a bond of three, there’s nothing on earth strong enough to destroy the chemistry and soul-deep longing Tabitha feels when she finally stands her ground and faces her men.

My review:
Wow! There is a whole lot going on in a very short story.  That being said this is a fast paced read that builds to a smoking hot climax that will leave you temporarily satisfied but wanting to know more about the prophecy and just how folks are going to respond to the power of three.

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Dangerous Mating (A.L.F.A. #3) by Milly Taiden

An undercover mission exposes hidden longings in the irresistible paranormal romance series from the New York Timesbestselling author of Mating Needs

The Alpha League Federal Agency’s sworn duty is to protect humanity from the worst of the paranormal universe. Wolf-shifter Agent Bryon Day has been deep undercover for more than a year, investigating a human trafficking ring, when he goes MIA. Since A.L.FA. never leaves an agent behind, a team is sent to save him—or bring his body home. 

FBI agent and ace cryptographer Kari Tomlin is selected for the rescue task force. Under the ruse of a ditsy tourist, she searches an ancient European city for Agent Day. When she learns he’s locked up in the palace’s dungeon, she plans a covert jailbreak. Together they risk the dangerous, booby-trapped tunnels below the city for freedom…and a chance to discover if this really is a mate bond growing between them.

My review:
Dangerous Mating is a laugh out loud PNR/romantic suspense that will keep you flipping pages as fast as you can read. This story has it all a hunky hero, a smart and curvy heroine and an evil villain. I don’t want to give anything away so all I will say is read this book. This may be my favorite book from this author.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Scone Cold Killer (All-Day Breakfast Café Mystery #1) by Lena Gregory


For Florida diner owner Gia Morelli, there’s no such thing as too much breakfast—unless it kills you . . .

When Gia Morelli’s marriage falls apart, she knows it’s time to get out of New York. Her husband was a scam artist who swindled half the millionaires in town, and she doesn’t want to be there when they decide to take revenge. On the spur of the moment, she follows her best friend to a small town in Central Florida, where she braves snakes, bears, and giant spiders to open a cheery little diner called the All-Day Breakfast Café. Owning a restaurant has been her lifelong dream, but it turns into a nightmare the morning she opens her dumpster and finds her ex-husband crammed inside. As the suspect du jour, Gia will have to scramble fast to prove her innocence before a killer orders another cup of murder . . .

My review:

Scone Cold Killer is the first in what I think will be a terrific new cozy mystery series. Gia Morelli is no Jessica Fletcher. Gia has left New York and her cheating, scam artist of a husband. She heads to small town Florida and her bestie Savannah (a former Broadway wannabe). Moving to Florida is total culture shock. It is too quiet has bugs, snakes and bears and someone is trying to frame her for murder. But she isn’t alone. She is making new friends and a new life. She even has a new puppy. She is going to make it if someone doesn’t kill her first.
I loved Gia. She takes the hits and keeps on chugging. Sure it helps that Savannah and Hunt have her back but I think her puppy Thor gives her something to live and fight for. I am really looking forward to more adventures with Gia and company.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Judgment Road (Torpedo Ink #1) by Christine Feehan

An outlaw motorcycle club sets up shop next door to Sea Haven in the dangerously sexy new series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

As the enforcer of the Torpedo Ink motorcycle club, Reaper lives for riding and fighting. He's a stone-cold killer who turns his wrath on those who deserve it. Feelings are a weakness he can't afford--until a gorgeous bartender gets under his skin...

Near Sea Haven, the small town of Caspar has given Anya Rafferty a new lease on life. And she's desperate to hold on to her job at the biker bar, even if the scariest member of the club seems to have it out for her. But Reaper's imposing presence and smoldering looks just ratchet up the heat. 

Anya's touch is everything Reaper doesn't want--and it brands him to the bone. But when her secrets catch up to her, Reaper will have to choose between Anya and his club--his heart and his soul.

My review:
We first met the members of Torpedo Ink in Bound Together (Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart #6). Judgment Road is the first in an exciting new spin-off. Judgment Road tells of Reaper’s road to redemption and like everything else in his life it is not an easy path. Anya Rafferty is a strong young woman who is over qualified to be the bartender in the MC’s bar. Reaper doesn’t know what to make of her but the more he watches her the more he wants her and that could be deadly for her. My heart broke for these two damaged individuals. Christine Feehan masterfully put them back together again stronger than ever. A fantastic story.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Training Sasha (Club Zodiac Book 1) by Becca Jameson


His friend's little sister... 

Sasha Easton has had her eye on Lincoln Walsh—the owner of Club Zodiac—for five years. Unfortunately, he does nothing but scowl at her and reject her every shy advance.

She's not right for him... 

Lincoln doesn’t have a choice but to discourage Sasha because the truth is that he’s a sadist. And Sasha is no masochist. No matter how much he might want her in his bed, he can’t change the type of Dom he is.

She's not as innocent as he thinks... 

Determined to get Lincoln to see her as more than his business partner’s little sister, Sasha delivers an ultimatum—let her join Club Zodiac or she’ll explore her submission elsewhere.

Can he train her and let her go? 

Watching the only woman he’s ever wanted play with another Dom is more than Lincoln can bear, so he finds himself agreeing to train her himself. After all, he’s confident if he pushes her hard enough, he can protect her from the lifestyle and himself from admitting the truth about his feelings.

My review:

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lost her mom and dad  but her older brother took her in and raised her. He worked part time in a BDSM club and rather than leave her home alone he brought his sister to the club where she stayed upstairs away from the action. When she was 14 she took a peek and was intrigued. When she was 17 the club changed ownership and she was banned. Now she is 22 and wants back in.
I loved the fact that Sasha knew what she wanted and went for it. I absolutely adored the role reversal where the big bad Dom was the angsty one. This is a sexy, sometimes sweet tale of love and lust.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Devoted to Destiny (The Muse Chronicles #5) by Lisa Kessler

Mason Knowles is a carpenter with a secret. He's a Lycan, cursed by Zeus to shift into a wolf. With each transformation, the curse becomes stronger, threatening the man to succumb to the animal forever.

Clio Clarke is the human vessel for the Muse of History, devoting her life to studying the past. But when destiny brings Mason into her present, Clio realizes she still has plenty to learn about love and trust.

Mason discovers he's Clio's Guardian, gifted with inhuman strength, however, it will take more than might to stop an immortal from hurting her. He'll sacrifice anything, even his own humanity, to keep her safe, but this shift could be his last.

The Prophecy - "Every generation the nine daughters of Zeus are reborn, and with their rebirth are also nine Guardians. They will be marked by the gods, and given gifts to protect his treasure. Their abilities will only be unlocked when they find their muse."

My review:
Devoted to Destiny is a fantastic addition to this series. This fast paced story is filled with excitement, energy and love. We get answers and new questions. Mason and Clio are a terrific couple. I recommend having read the previous books before reading this one but it can be read standalone.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Spectral Heart (Apocalypse Rising #2) by K. Margaret & Dagmar Avery


Trial two and Gunnar Bergman is sure it’s his turn. His dreams have turned up a feisty slip of a woman with tricolored hair who is wild, sexy and beyond anything he can imagine, and more than he ever thought he deserved. But he knows that with the good, comes the bad, and his trial is going to be anything but easy, because she is so perfect.
Sadie Coulter never thought she would find a man that she wanted, let alone could handle her. Gunnar is everything she has ever wanted, since the moment her grandmother told her she was destined for something special. And she loves that he likes who she is. Her focus is to be with him forever, his ride of die.
But bonding is proving difficult, no matter how hard they try. As with everything else in Gunnar’s existence, it’s going to happen the hard way. And when Savannah is thrust into a battle of biblical proportions, it’s up to both of them to see the city, and each other through. Because without the bond, the world will be sucked into darkness, and there will not nothing anyone can do.

My review:

I LOVED THIS BOOK! The characters slew me.
Gunnar Bergman is a big brute of a guy who has never had to woo a woman to his bed. But he wants this one in his heart and he is going to have to work at it a bit harder than normal. But life for him and his brothers in arms is anything but normal right now.
Sadie Coulter is a petite unique individual. She is an artist with tattoo’s, piercings and multicolored hair. She owns her body and her heart but the big guy is making her feel like she might want to share. 
Sadie made this book for me. She is kick ass take no prisoners. She can definitely handle Gunnar. I liked that Gunnar accepts her for who she is and enjoys her fighting alongside him.
Having been to Savannah Georgia several times I am thrilled that the authors made the grand old lady a character in this book.
This book deals with dark times but isn’t a dark read. 

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Watch Point by Cecilia Tan

Eric Sakai-Johnson joined the Navy SEALs to protect his country and the people he loves. After discharge, he finds himself relegated to protecting big pharma billionaire Aiden Milford from assassination attempts and kidnapping. Until Aiden reneges on a promise, fires Eric, and lets Eric’s mother die with millions of dollars in medical debt.

Now Eric is the kidnapper. Snatching Aiden’s twenty-two-year-old son, Chase, for a multi-million-dollar ransom is the only way to get justice. It’s time for Aiden to learn what it’s like when someone you love is at the mercy of forces beyond your control. Eric has it all planned out. The one thing he didn’t plan for is the intense erotic spark between him and Chase.

Chase has been chafing under his father’s autocratic control. A gay hookup app has been his only ticket to rebellion—to clandestine moments of freedom, excitement, and danger. Now it’s his ticket to a deep connection and amazing sex with his “captor.” On the rocky island where they’re sequestered, Chase finds Eric to be everything he wants in a man: quiet, strong, capable, and honorable . . . until he finds out he’s been captured for real.

* * * * * * *

Twenty percent of proceeds from this title will be donated to the Russian LGBT Network.

The Russian LGBT network was founded in April 2006. It is an interregional, non-governmental human rights organization that promotes equal rights and respect for human dignity, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. They unite and develop regional initiatives, advocacy groups (at both national and international levels), and provide social and legal services.

To learn more about this charity or to donate directly, please visit their website:

My review:
Watch Point by Cecilia Tan is a kinky m/m romantic thriller. Eric Sakai-Johnson is messed up. He was honorably discharged from the Navy (before don’t ask, don’t tell), fired from his bodyguard job even after he took a bullet for the guy because the guy found out that he was gay. The firing also ended the medical support his employer was giving Eric’s mother leaving Eric with millions in debt. He is pissed off. His plans to kidnap his former employers son in exchange for the money doesn’t go exactly to plan but it does clue him into the fact that he isn’t the only one his former employer has hurt.
Watching Chase blossom while kidnapped was delightful. I had a couple of issues with this but I think it was mostly due to the nature of Chase’s kink and Chase’s father is up for asshole of the year.
Trigger warnings… this story is full of dubious consent due to the kidnapping. Actual kidnapping. Rape fantasy between kidnapper and hostage. 

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Her Dominant SEAL (Midnight Delta #6) by Caitlyn O'Leary

A Cry For Help
It only takes one phone call and Navy SEAL Drake Avery is rushing back to Tennessee in the middle of the night. His sisters are in danger and he will do whatever it takes to protect them.

A New Twist
Now is not the time for a relationship, but damned if Drake doesn’t cross paths with a smokin’ hot kindergarten teacher named Karen Eastman. Miss Eastman has Drake thinking naughty thoughts when he needs to have his head in the game. He never thought he’d be hot for teacher.

Demons from the Past
Part of the hell of going home is that you know everyone, and they know you. Just when you think you can trust someone, they can turn on a dime. Old and new enemies are thrilled to discover Drake has a beautiful new weakness: Karen. But messing with the women in his life, is a mistake. You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

My review:
Her Dominant SEAL is a fun, sweet romantic suspense. The word Dominant in the title has nothing to do with BDSM and everything to do with the alpha male Navy SEAL Drake Avery. He is bossy, protective, sweet and snarky. He is brought to his knees by a curvy, petite kindergarten teacher named Karen Eastman and boy is it fun to watch.
Even though this is part of a series it can be read stand alone.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Claimed by Her Tigers (P D A Kindle World) by Ever Coming

Claimed by Her Tigers (Paranormal Dating Agency Kindle World)
by Ever Coming


Juniper Hiti calls to cancel her blind date. Gerri Wilder is having none of that. 
When hyena shifter Juniper puts in an application at the Paranormal Dating Agency, she hopes to thwart her mother’s plan to arrange her mating. But according to her mother, the cackle’s alpha female, contracts have already been signed. Juniper sees only two choices: Agree to her mother’s plans and be sold to the highest bidder or disappear. She chooses the latter. 

But when Gerri arranges a date for you, you’d better believe she’s going to make sure attend. 
When her two hot dates, Noah and Shane, come knocking on her door just as she is about to flee her mother’s arranged mating, she does what any woman in position would do. She agrees to one night. 

Juniper soon discovers that one night with her sexy tigers will never be enough. 
But with broken contracts come consequences, consequences all three will face. Noah and Parker are ready to claim her, consequences be damned. But can they convince their sassy hyena to agree? 
Claimed by her Tigers is an MMF Dating Agency Shifter Romance featuring a curvy woman and two hot tigers ready to claim their third. 

My review:
Like the others in this world this book can be read stand alone.  
Juniper’s mother is tired of waiting for her to find her mate and has taken the matter into her own hands. Juniper had given Gerri Wilder a call at the Paranormal Dating Agency and gotten set up on a date with not one but two hot tiger shifters but feels like she has to cancel to get out of the mess her mother has created. The guys aren’t going to let her get away with that and so starts a short, sweet, sexy and fun story that will have you breaking out a fan and snorting your tea through your nose.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kalkin (Apache County Shifters Book 1) by TL Reeve, Michele Ryan

Keeley Blueriver is not doing a very good job hiding out. After being viciously attacked, she and her sister Danielle pack up and move across the country to Window Rock, Arizona. But Simon found them before, and he’ll do it again. How and when are the only questions.

Kalkin Raferty, Alpha of the Raferty pack, has spent his life protecting his family and pack from outside threats. He believes his time for finding a mate has passed. Who would want an old Alpha wolf? 

A chance meeting puts Kalkin face to face with his destiny and now he can’t get the blonde-haired, hazel-eyed woman out of his mind. His wolf is poised to claim her, but with danger lurking around every corner, is he willing to risk everything to have her?

My review:
Kalkin is a fast paced, suspenseful PNR that will keep you flipping pages. Keeley and her sister Dani are gifted humans on the run who find themselves moving in across the street from an alpha wolf shifter (Kalkin) and his extended family. Kalkin has given up on finding his mate and is flabbergasted at finding that the new girl in town (Keeley) is his mate but she comes with baggage that may just kill them all. I can’t wait to see how Calder digs himself out of the hole he has created with Dani.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Awakened By Flames (Hidden Realms of Silver Lake Book 1) by Vella Day

Awakened By Flames: A Hot Paranormal Dragon Shifter Saga (Hidden Realms of Silver Lake Book 1) by Vella Day


The only thing between this werewolf and his destined mate is a portal to a different world. 

It's crazy. Finn McKinnon knows dreams can't be real. So why does his wolf shifter side have the overwhelming urge to step through a portal into a mysterious new realm? Is Kaleena Sinclair his mate or just a figment of his overactive imagination?
For years, Kaleena has known that Fate has designated the deliciously hot man from Earth as hers, but she can't reveal she's a dragon shifter--at least not yet. Dream-walking has been her only connection to him, but damn, Finn still thinks she doesn't exist. So what's a girl to do -- especially when Finn is her sole chance at survival?

Before he knows it, Finn is thrust into a dangerous journey--a journey so unique and sensual that the life he's known ceases to exist. The clock is ticking, and Finn must survive impossible odds if he is to save his future mate. But how in the world can they fulfill their destiny as fated mates if some ruthless force is hell-bent on keeping them apart?

My review:

Awakened By Flames mixes things up in a good way. Finn McKinnon is an earthbound wolf shifter. He dreams of his mate Kaleena Sinclair. The only problem is that Kaleena is a dragon shifter in a different dimension. I know, right! Oh the possibilities. And the author has an answer for everything. This is a fun PNR fantasy that will take you places you’ve never imagined.
I love that Finn is not a super alpha type he doesn’t feel the need to dictate in situations where she is better qualified to lead and it doesn’t lessen him in anybody’s eyes.
Grab a cuppa and settle in for a heck of a ride.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Scoring With the Wrong Twin by Naima Simone

Shy, awkward Sophia Cruz has a hard time telling her vivacious identical twin “no.” But when her sister begs her to swap places for a modeling shoot, she caves … again. Then Zephirin Black walks onto the set. The brooding, aloof, and gorgeous tight end for the Washington Warriors. But she can keep it professional… She has to. Because the adorkable Cruz twin has no luck with guys once they compare her to her sister. 

After a bad break-up, Zeph hasn’t been big on second chances—and even less with trust. But he finds himself giving please-call-me-by-my-middle-name-Sophia both. The woman he’d dismissed as a spoiled cover model is different from the first time he met her. Quirkier. Funnier. Definitely sexier. What started as one night turns into another…and another…and another…

Still, Sophia can’t go on keeping her secret from him. But telling Zeph the truth will mean losing him for good.

My review:
Smart and well written Scoring With the Wrong Twin put me through an emotional wringer. There were times I wanted to smack Sophia and Zephirin. I really liked these characters and wanted them to find happiness but they were determined to take the hard route and drag me along for the ride. If hunky heroes and nerdy girls work for you you will love this story.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Promise Not to Tell (Cutler, Sutter & Salinas #2) by Jayne Ann Krentz

A painter of fiery, nightmarish visions throws herself into the sea—but she leaves her secrets behind . . . 

Seattle gallery owner Virginia Troy has spent years battling the demons that stem from her childhood time in a cult and the night a fire burned through the compound, killing her mother. And now one of her artists has taken her own life, but not before sending Virginia a last picture: a painting that makes Virginia doubt everything about the so-called suicide—and her own past.

Like Virginia, private investigator Cabot Sutter was one of the children in the cult who survived that fire... and only he can help her now. As they struggle to unravel the clues in the painting, it becomes clear that someone thinks Virginia knows more than she does and that she must be stopped. Thrown into an inferno of desire and deception, Virginia and Cabot draw ever closer to the mystery of their shared memories—and the shocking fate of the one man who still wields the power to destroy everything they hold dear.

My review:
Promise Not to Tell is the second in the Cutler, Sutter & Salinas trilogy but can be read stand alone. Cabot Sutter and Virginia Troy haven’t seen each other since the horrific day when they were almost burnt to death by crazy cult leader Quinton Zane. Now, many years later, they are thrown together to solve the death of a damaged artist. Cabot and Virginia may have been damaged but they have persevered and come out on top. The author takes us on a twisted and sometimes frightening tale of murder, mystery and love. A terrific read.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Chasing Katie by Heather Long


This SEAL is on a mission…

Six weeks after burying his sister and accepting the career ending injury to his hearing, Liam “Angel” Knight begins the hunt for the a witness to the devastating event that shredded his life. His only clue? The purse he was found holding. But he isn’t the only one looking for her…

This woman needs to hide…

Determined to keep her head down, Katherine “Katie” Hennessy hides on her family ranch. When a man arrives, seemingly looking for work, Katie recognizes him as the person who saved her life on that dark, horrible day. Guilt and terror eat her up inside, but Liam’s presence is strangely comforting—he seems to know what she is hiding, and his strength buoys her. Then he tells her he needs her to come back to New York with him, to identify the bombers.

The truth could cost her everything.

Katie holds herself accountable, and the weight of the lie threatens to cripple her. If she tells the truth, it might set her free—and cost her everything in the same breath. Then the attacks begin, and Liam refuses to leave her side. The man will risk everything for her—can she do any less?

My review:

Chasing Katie is a high energy, heart pounding tale of loss, love and survival. Katie was in the wrong place at the wrong time but she may have the answers to who set the bomb that cost Liam “Angel” Knight his twin sister and probably his Navy career. He is determined to find her and get some answers. Unfortunately the bad guys have the same idea. Now it is up to Angel to keep Katie alive long enough to get some answers. It took me a bit to warm up to Katie but she was real and honest and I had to admire her.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Diaper Duty Vampire (Vampires of Amber Heights Book 1) by R E Mullins

During the Civil War, Union soldier, John Alden took a musket ball to the gut. As he gasped his final breath, he was turned into a vampire and started life anew in Amber Heights, Missouri. For over one hundred and fifty years, he's lived a rather solitary life as a vampire Enforcer.

Young single mother, Joann Clarkson, needs a job and fast. Hoping to be rehired, she returns to Dr. Michaela Blautsauger's lab prepared to eat a hefty helping of humble pie. She comes to regret that decision when she's taken hostage. Things look grim but she'll never stop fighting to escape. Her son needs his mama.

As an Enforcer, John must hunt down the vampire who kidnapped Joann. In his search, John winds up babysitting her toddler Cody. Changing diapers might be worse than getting staked, but nothing compares to how he feels when both mother and child fall into danger again.

My review:
Diaper Duty Vampire is a short romp that will have you laughing out loud. Anyone who has ever had to change a stinky diaper will enjoy. This is the first in the Vampires of Amber Heights series and I am looking forward to future installments.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Heist Society (Kate Diamond Adventure Series #3) by Leighann Dobbs


It was the worst assignment of Kate Diamond’s career. Worse than the time she had to jump over a snake pit. Worse than the time she had to steal a ruby from an ice hotel and definitely worse than the time she toppled into a volcano. 

Why? Because of one person. Ace Mason. In a quirky twist of fate, her ex-FBI partner and ex-boyfriend was now her new partner at the Ritzholdt museum. Their assignment is to pose as a newly-rich married couple on board their private luxury yacht to ferret out the famous international jewel thief, The Lemur. Too bad the mission is plagued with problems including a cast of quirky suspects and the troublesome fact that Kate and Ace have to share a room. 

Lucky thing Kate has the help of her retired jewel thief parents and their band of thieves, safecrackers and con men from the Golden Capers retirement village because everyone on board the yacht is suspicious. But while Kate is busy scrutinizing the suspects and dodging Ace’s attempts to reconcile, The Lemur is busy crafting a clever misdirection that could ruin all of Kate’s well-laid plans. 

My review:

Oh no! Kate’s hot ex, the one who got her fired from the FBI, is now working for the Ritzholdt museum too. Her boss has paired them up and they have to pose as a newlywed couple to catch the infamous art thief The Lemur. They are stuck on a yacht with the suspects, the Golden Capers crew as backup, and each other. This is a rollicking good time. Well for us the readers anyway for Kate, Ace and The Lemur not so much.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Vampire Vigilante by Sparrow Beckett as Leia Shaw

The Huntress - a vampire with lethal determination, Natalia hunts down and exterminates rogue werewolves. After burying her heart centuries ago, she now lives only for revenge. When a werewolf serial killer leaves a swathe of carnage, she’s forced to team up with the alpha of the northwest werewolf pack. Cristian's obnoxious sex appeal throws Natalia's methodical and spartan existence into turmoil.

Cristian can’t help be intrigued by the icy Natalia. He hasn’t been drawn to a female since his mate died decades past. Now, he vows to pry away her hostile mask and discover the woman it conceals.

Will Natalia allow Cristian to lay claim to her heart if it means sacrificing part of her identity?

My review:
Natalia, aka The Huntress, is a vampire on a mission. She doesn’t need sexy alpha werewolf, Cristian, to back her up or make her feel things she has no business feeling. But alphas giggle at the word no. Travel along with Cristian and Natalia as they hunt for a serial killer and maybe heal each other along the way.
Vampire Vigilante is a fun, fast paced, opposites attract type of romance that was a sweet and sexy read. I totally enjoyed.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bleu Balls (Balls to the Wall #7) by Tara Lain

Double trouble. The McMillan twins, Robin and Bobby, are renowned for their talents—both as fine artists and for thrilling the various men who catch their eyes. As different in style and personality as their DNA is identical, they’re nonetheless best friends who divide and conquer, with Robin doing the serious painting and Bobby adding the sunny salesmanship.

But when their most important client decides Bobby must wield the paintbrush, the brothers revert to childhood tactics and switch places. Then along comes Micah, a handsome doctor who’s attracted to Bobby but invites Robin out to try to please his homophobic brother, and Paolo, the pain-in-the-butt client who thinks he’s wooing Bobby when he’s actually after Robin. Paolo harbors his own hidden pain that weirdly intersects with Robin’s, but pride and privacy conspire to produce what will either be a masterpiece—or end up as Dogs Playing Poker.

My review:
Bleu Balls is a fun addition to a terrific series but can be read standalone.
Robin and Bobby may be identical twins but they are two sides of a coin. Bobby is lightness and fun and Robin is darker and more subdued. While they are both gifted artists Robin is less of a people person so Bobby deals with sales and Robin creates. In this story we find out just how alike and how different these guys really are. While this book deals with some seri0us subjects there is enough lightness and banter to offset it. I wasn’t sure when I first picked up this book because quite frankly twins pulling threesomes squicks me out but I trusted the author and she didn’t let me down. Find out just what kind of guy is perfect for each of the McMillan twins.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Two Feet Under (Lindenshaw Mysteries #3) by Charlie Cochrane

Things are looking up for Adam Matthews and Robin Bright—their relationship is blossoming, and they’ve both been promoted. But Robin’s a policeman, and that means murder is never far from the scene.

When a body turns up in a shallow grave at a Roman villa dig site—a body that repeatedly defies identification—Robin finds himself caught up in a world of petty rivalries and deadly threats. The case seems to want to drag Adam in, as well, and their home life takes a turn for the worse when an ex-colleague gets thrown out of his house and ends up outstaying his welcome at theirs.

While Robin has to prove his case against a manipulative and fiendishly clever killer, Adam is trying to find out which police officer is leaking information to the media. And both of them have to work out how to get their home to themselves again, which might need a higher intelligence than either a chief inspector or a deputy head teacher.

My review:
Adam, Robin and Campbell are back in another convoluted tale of murder, mayhem and mystery. The boys have moved on to better jobs in different towns but a body dug up in an archeological dig gives newly minted Chief Inspector Robin Bright a puzzle that will stress even his bright mind. Adam loves his new position as deputy head teacher but is afraid that the gossip papers will make it difficult for him and Robin. And a couch surfing friend may need Campbells help to move on.
This story will have your head spinning trying to keep up with suspects and motives if only they can give a name to the body. I truly enjoyed this story. Fans of British television detective dramas will love this addition to the Lindenshaw Mysteries.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

The End (Deadly Captive Book 3) by Bianca Sommerland


Deadly Captive: THE END

A taste and then it was gone. Lydia sacrificed her body and her very sanity, surrendering her freedom to protect those she loves. Within the grasp of the evil she fought to escape, she risks losing all that she is in order to spare herself endless suffering. Death would be mercy.

Death would make her sacrifice meaningless.

Cyrus is more than willing to play with his old toys, leaving Lydia with no choice but to endure his twisted games. His kindness is worse than his cruelty, warping everything she once believed. When the only salvation is in the arms of her tormentor, her cage becomes a welcome place to hide.

Love isn’t to be trusted. But the chains will hold her, strong and sure. Agony becomes the sweetest relief.

Pain is a language she understands.

“Sometimes I almost wish I didn’t want to hurt you so much. But just almost. You’re most beautiful when you’re fighting to stay alive. I want to keep you this beautiful forever.” ~Cyrus

My review:

WARNING: If you have triggers don’t read this book

OH MY GOD! This was the darkest most twisted entry to this series. What would you do for love? What indignities would you suffer to see a child kept safe? In this conclusion we find out just how strong Lydia is. We find out just why Cyrus is obsessed with her. This book had me in tears but left me with a smile.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Collateral Damage (Deadly Captive #2) by Bianca Sommerland


Stolen from a bright life full of colors, happiness and youth, Nicole Reed is dragged into a pit of pain and depravity where all she can hope for is a quick end. But her captors don't want to kill her. They want to use her to teach a little boy whom they plan to mold in their image.

She must free him before that happens. Only, she can't stand against those who hold him, not alone. Her only hope is Vince, one of her tormentors, who may still show a glimmer of humanity.

Or maybe that's just a trick of the light.

Warning: BDSM, graphic violence, dubious consent, forced sex, forced M/M sex, less than willing participation in edge play, content that some readers will consider objectionable including hot sex with a drool-iciously evil man.

My review:

WARNING: If you have triggers don’t read this book
I will admit I was confused at first because these were new characters except for the bad guy but eventually it made sense. Like the first book in the series this book will take you to some very dark, twisted and scary places. It proves to me that hope is the scariest and most precious gift we can have. Make sure you have plenty of time because you won’t want to put it down.

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Deadly Captive (Deadly Captive #1) by Bianca Sommerland


Lydia awakes, bound and blind, to the whispered urgings of a man who has his hands on her. His words confuse her at first, but she soon understands they are both in the middle of a performance that will determine whether she remains in captivity or dies.

The crowd must be entertained, and her cellmate makes sure it is.

Forced submission is not the only horror Lydia endures. She has no memories of life before her imprisonment, and Joe, her cellmate, is her only comfort as the powerful creatures that hold them captive torture and debase her. Together, she and Joe cling to the will to survive long enough to break free and seek revenge. Their desire to sustain one another triumphs over their wardens' efforts to destroy them. There is no pain, no suffering, that can tear them apart.

Beyond their cell, their love is tested. Can they hold strong in the face of the challenge of the new powers they have gained along with their freedom?

My review:

WARNING: If you have triggers don’t read this book

Deadly Captive by Bianca Sommerland is dark, twisted and like a train wreck I couldn’t turn away. I wouldn’t have gotten past the first chapter if I hadn’t read other work by this author. I had to trust she would make all the suffering worthwhile. This story took me places I didn’t want to go but I had to see it through. I needed to see the characters pull through and survive.
Yes this book is dark but it also highlights what people will do for love and to survive.

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