Sunday, June 5, 2016

Rescued by their Wife (Wings of Artemis #2) by Rebecca Royce

A wife. A mother. A rebel.
And now their savior...

When a crazed-woman wants to take control of the universe, destroying all that defies her, it's up to Melissa Alexander to retrieve her memories and save those she loves the most. As the bonds of love tighten and the danger increases, Melissa must find the strength to fight in a world that threatens to take everything she's ever loved or needed away from her. With so much on the line, can the Rebel Princess be the savior they all need?

My review:
Have you read the first book in this series, Kidnapped By Her Husbands (Wings of Artemis #1) by Rebecca Royce? No? STOP! Go read that one and then come back and read Rescued by their Wife (Wings of Artemis #2) by Rebecca Royce. At the end of the first book Melissa Alexander is pregnant and left in a difficult situation.  This book starts out with a bang and picks up speed like a jet propulsion engine.  Melissa’s family is about as dysfunctional as they get. On par with the Nobles they have been fighting. Melissa is forced to make some hard decisions that are going to piss off her 6 husbands. This story is a faced paced tale of strength and love and I adored it.

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